Alliance for a Better UTAH: great group fighting to protect Utah from Utahans

Alliance for a Better UTAHYou did it. On Monday we delivered nearly 3,000 signatures to BLM Director Juan Palma, asking the BLM to hold accountable Phil Lyman and his friends for breaking the law by riding roughshod through Recapture Canyon.Director Palma assured us that he is working to hold the protesters accountable. The BLM is preparing to release a report they will then deliver to the US Attorney’s Office in Utah. We anticipated this would happen by directing our petition not only to the BLM, but to US Attorney David Barlow as well. We will follow this every step of the way.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll scroll down to catch up on the latest from the Alliance for a Better UTAH. If you like what you see, chip in a few bucks by clicking here. We depend on donations from supporters like you to keep our elected leaders honest.

Happy Fourth of July,

Josh, Maryann & Isaac
Your Better UTAH Team


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