Genesis Quest: New way to investigate our world, join, contribute or become a member

John Clevenger

John Clevenger

Manager at Genesis Quest

Genesis Quest is a global effort to solve prehistory’s most perplexing mysteries. Using state-of-the-art search gear and backed by several university labs, we’re mounting thrilling expeditions worldwide. Care to help?

If so, here are some things you could do:

1. Contribute to our Kickstarter campaign: And please share this link with family, friends, and associates—the campaign ends July 18!

2. Donate cash, a boat, a motorhome or other vehicle (helicopter, research sub, AUV, ROV), or even property, through our allied 501(c)(3) for a substantial tax write-off (up to 100%) if you’re in the U.S. or Canada. And if you know of friends or companies wishing to dispose of such assets, please refer them to me.

3. Invest in our LLC. Beyond our revolutionary research, books, TV series, and films, we’re getting into accessory businesses like coffee growing in South America and environmental mitigation/protection of a marine sanctuary in east Africa. We also have the backing of a global private intelligence firm, enabling us to open up truly massive and worthwhile investment opportunities for our friends. If you know any adventuresome investors, please put them in touch—we have big things in store.

4. Facilitate corporate sponsorships for our expeditions or TV series.

5. Contribute your own expertise or special skills, and join us for global adventures of discovery that may prompt a total rewrite of the history of civilization.

Thanks. Please be in touch.

Dr. John R. Clevenger, Manager
Genesis Quest
(805) 964-7988



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