New Oral Re-Hydration Mix from Skratch Labs: Rescue Hydration Mix

A new hydration formula designed to treat extreme dehydration in kids and adults!

Skratch Labs: 1-800-735-8904
Rescue Hydration Mix

Rescue Hydration Mix

Rescue Hydration Mix is an all-natural oral rehydration solution, formulated to treat extreme dehydration associated with vomiting and diarrhea in kids and adults. We created it when we couldn’t find anything similar at our local market or pharmacy that wasn’t chock full of artificial sweeteners, flavoring agents, and chemicals.

While Rescue Hydration was developed to rehydrate us when we aren’t feeling our best, at 750 mg of sodium per 16 oz serving, the benefit for treating dehydration after pushing a little too hard on hot summer days makes it a great complement to our Exercise Hydration Mix, especially for those who find themselves saltier than others. And while we don’t encourage anyone to get sick on purpose, a number of our first test batches, were used with great success to help recover from a few late nights of revelry fueled by a few too many. So keep on playing hard these hot summer days and nights. Rescue Hydration Mix has got you covered. Like all of our drinks, it’s made from real fruit and contains nothing artificial to keep you hydrated when you need it the most.

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