Last Chance to get a Great Copy of Roads Were Not Built for Cars

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The iPad version of Roads Were Not Built For Cars has just gone live. It contains the full 170,000 words of the print book plus ten short videos, two audio files, a 3D object to play with, and 580+ illustrations, most of which zoom to full screen. Access it via an iPad on iBookstore.

Now, good news for those who wanted a print version of the book – a few have become available. Softbacks only. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

The Kindle versions have been available for a while. All Kickstarter backers should now have their print books, even those in the Antipodes. Of those who pre-ordered I still have 150 to mail out – if you’re one of those folks, I’m sorry for the delay. I underestimated how long it would take to sign, pack and mail 1000 books.

The iPad version of the book costs £14.99 on iBookstore. I set it at £18 but Apple automatically dropped me down a tier. I will work on fixing this for version 1.1. Those who pre-ordered and paid £18 for their iPad versions were sent download info yesterday (pre-orderers who want three quid refunds should get in touch, supplying their PayPal order no so I can trace them).

The website is where the notes live (I need to work on those, too) and there are sporadic stories on the blog, too. For instance, earlier today I posted a story about a dodgy claim on cycle safety from a 1902 car mag which has been debunked by a modern automotive tester.

I’ll also be rolling out the book’s promotional campaign, including talks, book reviews and guest postings. There’s an article on, which went live today, and is headlined Why motorists owe EVERYTHING to cyclists (it’s not my headline, but I like it).



The Kickstarter Kindle special is available only on, as is the ePub version. The standard Kindle version is available on Gumroad and on Amazon (Amazon takes a far bigger cut than Gumroad).




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