Law firm is going after GoPro for two different ways a video camera can allegedly lead to a fatality: the camera does not kill you, using the camera kills you????

Not the only ways. Better the issue is the failure to warn that doing stupid things to try and become famous might kill you?

A press release went out from a large northwestern law firm looking for people who had been injured or died wearing GoPro Cameras. The first cause of accidents targeted were accidents due to GoPro’s interfering with Avalanche Beacons. See Electronic gadgets, including video cameras interfere with Avalanche Beacons. The second was head injuries from mounting GoPro Camera’s on a helmet.

Both arguments have major flaws. The first claim that GoPro’s interfere with Avalanche Beacons is true. However, any electronic device interferes with an avalanche beacon.  If your cell phone is close to your beacon and rings during a search for you, you may not be found. However, cell phones will cause less interference because a phone is shielded. Cameras, video cameras and other electronic devices have less shielding so they create more interference. Put a video camera on your chest, an MP3 Player in your pocket and a walkie-talkie on your chest and you’ll never be found.

In researching the article Electronic gadgets, including video cameras interfere with Avalanche Beacons I did not find any electronic device that stated it may interfere with a beacon. Some electronic devices said they may cause interference but it is not specific. Most state that the device meets some FCC shielding requirements.

The second major issue is allegedly helmet mounts affect the helmet’s ability to protect your head. The helmet mount issue started with a news report that the GoPro cameras mount caused the helmet being worn by Formula 1 racer Michael Schumacher led to his injuries in a skiing accident. See Michael Schumacher’s Ski Accident Brain Injury Said to Be Caused by his GoPro Helmet Cam. The mount was a stick on mount. If stick on mounts affects helmets, goggle holders, stickers and dozens of other things we attach to helmets may be subject to litigation. Supposedly, the French investigation into this did not lead to any problems.

Some helmet mounts use drilled holes into your helmet to mount cameras. GoPro has none of those on its website. (Drill a hole in your helmet?)

The article indicates the law firm does not really understand what is going on. One report suggests that the cameras may interfere not only with the transmission of the rescue signal, but also with the ability of searcher equipment to locate an avalanche victim.” Isn’t that one and the same no transmission no finds you. Besides what is the “searcher equipment?”

I think a better lawsuit might be the brain damage any video camera does to the wearer. Put on a video camera and you seem to do stupid things. Just go to and you’ll find hundreds of videos proving this legal theory.

See Law Firm Begins Soliciting GoPro Customers

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8 Comments on “Law firm is going after GoPro for two different ways a video camera can allegedly lead to a fatality: the camera does not kill you, using the camera kills you????”

  1. Max says:

    I think they’re just looking to make money and hurt the company. They should be ashamed of themselves


    • Carlie Allison says:

      I believe that the law firm is just trying to find something to do. GoPro’s are made for filming anything a person wants. The same risks that come with GoPro’s also come with any other device a person chooses to use to capture the moment they’re in. People that choose to take GoPro’s with them or any other electronic device into an area that has a high risk of avalanches, understand that these devices can interfere with the alert system. And I also agree with the statement that people who wear GoPro’s tend to do things that they would otherwise not do. A lot of people’s judgement goes by the way side when wearing one. The same can be said for anything. I’m not comparing GoPro’s to alcohol or drugs as far as loss of judgment goes, but in those situations people blame the consumers irresponsibility. The same should go for any other consumer and a product.


      • The lawsuit is saying that there are risks of using a GoPro, that are encouraged by GoPro, that increase your chances of getting hurt or dying. No one understands that electronic devices interfere with each other, the avalanche issue was a shock to the back country ski community.


      • Max says:

        People have been going huge before GoPro’s were invented, and people will keep going huge with or without GoPro’s!


        • That is true. The lawsuit is based on GoPro not telling owners of other risks. The idea of going big is not the issue, the fact that using the GoPro has other affects.


          • Max says:

            They shouldn’t have to! What happened to common sense and responsibility?


            • LOL, keep up that thinking and you’ll end up in law school. Until you read this, did you know that a GoPro would turn your avalanche beacon into a paperweight. That is the issue, everything we don’t know that we need to know, to not get hurt. Read this article and then watch the video. Electronic gadgets including video cameras interfere with Avalanche Beacons

              I’m not saying the lawsuit is right, but what we don’t know will kill you.


              • Max says:

                The only way I could get behind it is if the people who started the lawsuit were the ones trapped under the snow, and the GoPro’s that they were wearing so they could watch themselves later and show their friends caused the beacons to not work. But instead it’s just a lawfirm looking for something to do.


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