Dolores River Boating Advocates needs another Board Member: Join and maybe save a river

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Wanted: DRBA Board Member!
5d9a53e1-c120-445d-bc63-272e65b0f512.pngAre you interested in joining this lively crew?

Dolores River Boating Advocates (DRBA) is seeking a new Board of Directors’ Member who is interested in helping support and further our mission, which is to “optimize flows, restore the natural environment, and permanently protect the Dolores River for whitewater boating.”

 Currently DRBA has a seven-member Board of Directors, all of whom are very active in the forward movement and efficacy of DRBA. At this point in time, our board consists entirely of boating and river enthusiasts. And while we feel this is important to our mission, we are also open and interested in adding a Board Member who appreciates our work but who may not necessarily belong to the “boating community”. We feel we are at a point in our organizational growth where a Board Member with particular expertise in non-profit budgets is of utmost importance to our continued progress. In particular, DRBA seeks someone with the following qualifications:

· Experience with non-profit budgets
· Financial reporting and bookkeeping knowledge and experience
· Familiarity (and preferably competence) with Quickbooks 2012
· Critical thinking skills
· Open-mindedness
· Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
· Honesty and confidence, especially in a group setting
· Passionate about conservation of rivers and wild landscapes

We at DRBA have a lot of fun, and we also work very hard to attain our goals. All board members are active in our meetings, events, fundraising, and various planning and outreach activities. This commitment is appreciated and expected from our Board Members. We work closely with our paid staff person, Lee-Ann Hill, who serves as our Program Coordinator. Ms. Hill is a consummate professional, steeped in the skills and knowledge needed to lead DRBA as we venture into several stout and vital projects in 2015. Our most prized project for 2015 is the creation of a documentary film about the Dolores River. We believe that our work is making a difference in boating and river awareness related to the Dolores River. Below is a list of our accomplishments in 2014 and a list of goals for 2014 and beyond.

All interested parties are encouraged to contact myself, Sam Carter, DRBA Board of Directors President, via email (sam) or phone (907-739-3275) at your earliest convenience. We will begin a conversation to see if there exists a potential match between yourself and DRBA.

We are proud of and excited about the work we are doing at DRBA. Consider joining us as a Board Member!

Sam Carter

DRBA’s Current Projects, Recent Accomplishments and Future Goals

Projects and Accomplishments:

  • Obtained 501 (c) 3 status in 2013
  • Trained a cadre of volunteer river rangers in 2013 to take the place of a BLM river ranger below McPhee Reservoir after federal funding was slashed
  • Worked with the U.S. Forest Service to enhance a current boating put-in and build a new put-in between Dolores and Stoner, CO (where no proper access is available)
  • Worked with an upstream rancher on the Dolores River to build two safe pass-through river fences to keep his cattle contained and assure safety for whitewater boaters
  • Submitted comments regarding the important and emerging Colorado State Water Plan
  • Conducted river clean-up activities in the Town of Dolores and upriver with Trout Unlimited
  • Provided and secured financial support for the operation of the USGS Slick Rock River Gage operations on the Lower Dolores
  • Conducted Tamarisk removal project with Paradox Valley School and the Dolores River Restoration Partnership in the Dolores River Wilderness Study Area
  • Host annual ‘Permit Party’ for regional boating community to promote whitewater access and advocacy
  • Offer Leave No Trace and river stewardship activities to local schools and adults
  • Produce monthly radio show, “The River Trip”, about the Dolores River, including recent interview with river champion Katie Lee
  • Produce monthly DRBA e-newsletters highlighting stories and issues involving the Dolores River
  • Active participant in the Lower Dolores Working Group’s Steering Committee
  • Participate in discussions regarding federal legislation for a National Conservation Area (NCA) for the Lower Dolores River
  • Offer free raft rides to the public at the Dolores River Festival in June every year
  • Sponsor a water quality monitoring site on the Dolores River for River Watch, a national program that monitors the health of rivers
  • Secured grant from Patagonia to produce film about the Dolores River!

Future Goals (2015 and Beyond):

  • Continue our educational, stewardship, outreach, advocacy projects and programs
  • Planning an “Adopt a River Section” program to annually clean and maintain river camps on the Lower Dolores River from the confluence of the San Miguel and Dolores Rivers to the confluence with the Colorado River
  • Production of a new river guide for the upper and lower Dolores River and San Miguel Rivers from their headwaters to the confluence of the Colorado River. Proceeds will fund future DRBA education, stewardship, advocacy, outreach and operational costs
  • Attract national attention to the Dolores River with documentary film sponsored by Patagonia, Osprey and other sponsors.

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