Colorado Alliance of Environmental Education is losing State Funding for its Executive Director

The Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE) has always been politically correct. so I thought I would interpret. The CAEE is losing the funding for its Executive Director. The opportunity for this funding has allowed the CAEE to accomplish amazing and astounding things for the careers and profession of Environmental Educators.

This is going to be a set back for Environmental Education in Colorado.


CAEE Board of DirectorsMichelle FinchumFort Collins Utilities

Beverly Grant

Mo’ Betta Green Market

Joel Koenig

Sarah Johnson

Roaring Fork Conservancy

Deb Matlock

Wild Rhythms

Barbara Patterson

Front Range Community College

Laura Roberts

Xcel Energy

Janna Six

Prentice Foundation

Melissa Yoder

Colorado State Land Board

The work of CAEE is made possible by our sponsors:8.jpgxcel17.jpg



DearCAEE Members and Supporters,Ensuring that Colorado has environmentally connected and informed decision makers is a collective effort and our impact grows as we mobilize partnerships. One of our keystone partners, the Colorado State Forest Service, has had a profound impact on environmental education in Colorado through their long standing support of CAEE.The Partnership has evolved over the last 20 years from providing staff and expertise to create the first Colorado Environmental Education Master Plan to fully supporting the executive director position at CAEE. Our partnership continues to evolve and beginning in 2016 our partnership will shift from the Colorado State Forest Service supporting the executive director position to partnering in other meaningful ways to advance environmental education.

CAEE recognizes the critical and important role the Colorado State Forest Service has had enabling CAEE to take an active role in:

  • Creating the first Master Plan for EE in Colorado to help create a common agenda for environmental education
  • Advocating for the inclusion of EE in our State Academic Standards
  • Passing the first Colorado Legislation supporting EE in 2010
  • Supporting the passage of the Colorado Environmental Education Plan, adopted by the State Board of Education in 2012
  • Leading the Careers in Natural Resources Initiative with the Colorado Youth Corps Association to ensure that all Colorado youth and young adults have access to career pathways in Natural Resources

Without the State Forest Service, the landscape of environmental education would not have its current impact and CAEE would not have achieved the same level of growth and success. As we continue to build EE in Colorado in 2016 and beyond, we are focused on building new opportunities for partnership with the Colorado State Forest Service and new partnerships that will continue to grow the impact and build capacity for environmental education in Colorado. If you have any questions, please contact me at director or 303-273-9527.


Katie Navin, Executive Director


CAEE Board of Directors

Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education152060 S. Golden Rd.Golden, CO 80401



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