Get Graduate Credits, live on Brainbridge Island and Teach for a Year. Sounds nice!

The graduate residency program in Environmental Education— IslandWood—has room for more students. During this residency you live in a cabin in the woods on Bainbridge Island, WA for a year, while teaching EE to elementary students and receiving Masters’ level Education credits for the graduate classes you are taking. You can complete an additional year to receive your Masters degree in Education or to receive your teaching certification. Please pass on this opportunity to anyone that might be interested!

Education for Environment and CommunityBainbridge Island WAThere is still time to begin your master’s degree this summer! IslandWood’s certificate in Education for Environment and Community, is the first half of a master’s in education through the University of Washington.

Experiential learning at the graduate level! Live, learn and teach on an island in the Puget Sound. University of Washington classes are taught on the IslandWood site. Students apply new understanding of ecology, teaching, and learning while working with diverse groups of children from urban and rural communities.

The IslandWood/University of Washington program in Education for Environment and Community begins in late August. Inquire now and apply by July 15!

For course information and application materials, visit our website at

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