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The Mt Baker Trail Association held its first meeting in May of this year. Since then we have been incorporating as a Washington State not-for-profit with our 501c(3) charitable status sponsored by the Whatcom County Parks Foundation and generally getting our house in order. Now that the initial organizational phase is over we will be much more communicative, including releasing the results of the survey as soon as we manually separate everyone’s e-mail addresses from the written comments that we received.


The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) Trail connects Pittsburgh, PA to Washington DC and has transformed parts of rural Pennsylvania from economic decay to an environment where people own viable small businesses. David Kayley of the progress fund was instrumental in this transformation. He will be addressed the Whatcom County Planning Committee at 3:00PM on September 15th. See attached for details.

Some might dismiss David as a know-it-all from the Least Coast, but the reality is that he has worked and lived on Western Washington for some time before moving to PA to head The Progress Fund. The guy has serious mountaineering chops and has attained a number of hard core objectives in our mountains. He knows our area very well.

While the presentation speaks to economic development, it is really about motivating our government to create safe pedestrian trails for all to enjoy. Along the way this will create more pedestrian traffic so that businesses in the Mt Baker Highway corridor perhaps no longer have to wonder if they will be able to keep their doors open next month. Along the way we might also reduce carbon emissions, allow residents and visitors to safely ride their bikes between communities, and create a better environment for all.


You can help by planning to attend Mt Kayley’s presentation. If you can’t be there please contact one of Whatcom County’s elected officials (link to contacts) to let them know how you feel about safe pedestrian trails in the Mt Baker Highway Corridor.

Thanks for your time and support. We apologize for the long period of silence. We are a group of volunteers who, like you, juggle many aspects that tug at our allotted time. If at any time you prefer to not receive these e-mails, please let us know. If you like what you see, please share with your friends.

Thanks so much!

The Board of the MBTA

A model for economic growth in Whatcom County.pdf

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