Latest Wilderness Medical Society Journal is out with great articles for First Aid Providers in the Wilderness

Here are the articles in the Wilderness Medical Society Journal that you should know if you provide First Aid outdoors.WMS
Editor’s Note

Can We Get There From Here?
Martin D. Hoffman

Original Research

Predictive Factors for Determining the Clinical Severity of Pediatric Scorpion Envenomation Cases in Southeastern Turkey
Aykut Çağlar, Halil Köse, Aslan Babayiğit, Taliha Öner, Murat Duman

Circadian and Sex Differences After Acute High-Altitude Exposure: Are Early Acclimation Responses Improved by Blue Light?
Juan A. Silva-Urra, Cristian A. Núñez-Espinosa, Oscar A. Niño-Mendez, Héctor Gaitán-Peñas, Cesare Altavilla, Andrés Toro-Salinas, Joan R. Torrella, Teresa Pagès, Casimiro F. Javierre, Claus Behn, Ginés Viscor

Practice Guidelines
Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Pitviper Envenomations in the United States and Canada
Nicholas C. Kanaan, Jeremiah Ray, Matthew Stewart, Katie W. Russell, Matthew Fuller, Sean P. Bush, E. Martin Caravati, Michael D. Cardwell, Robert L. Norris, Scott A. Weinstein

Case Reports

Marked Hypofibrinogenemia and Gastrointestinal Bleeding After Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) Envenomation
Kathryn T. Kopec, May Yen, Matthew Bitner, C. Scott Evans, Charles J. Gerardo

A Case Study: What Doses of Amanita phalloides and Amatoxins Are Lethal to Humans?
Ismail Yilmaz, Fatih Ermis, Ilgaz Akata, Ertugrul Kaya

Case Series

California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus) and Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina richardii) Bites and Contact Abrasions in Open-Water Swimmers: A Series of 11 Cases
Thomas J. Nuckton, Claire A. Simeone, Roger T. Phelps

Brief Reports

A Novel Method to Decontaminate Surgical Instruments for Operational and Austere Environments
Randy W. Knox, Samandra T. Demons, Cord W. Cunningham

The Impact of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Epinephrine
Heather Beasley, Pearlly Ng, Albert Wheeler, William R. Smith, Scott E. McIntosh

The Effects of Sympathetic Inhibition on Metabolic and Cardiopulmonary Responses to Exercise in Hypoxic Conditions
Rebecca L. Scalzo, Garrett L. Peltonen, Scott E. Binns, Anna L. Klochak, Steve E. Szallar, Lacey M. Wood, Dennis G. Larson, Gary J. Luckasen, David Irwin, Thies Schroeder, Karyn L. Hamilton, Christopher Bell

Prolonged Exposure Dermatosis: Reporting High Incidence of an Undiagnosed Facial Dermatosis on a Winter Wilderness Expedition
Jodie E. Totten, Douglas M. Brock, Tod D. Schimelpfenig, Justin L. Hopkin, Roy M. Colven

Emergency Medical Service in the US National Park Service: A Characterization and Two-Year Review, 2012–2013
Jeffrey P. Lane, Bonnaleigh Taylor, William R. Smith, Albert R. Wheeler

Epidemiological Trends in Search and Rescue Incidents Documented by the Alpine Club of Canada From 1970 to 2005
Gwynn M. Curran-Sills, Amalia Karahalios

Civilian Helicopter Search and Rescue Accidents in the United States: 1980 Through 2013
Gordon H. Worley

Epidemiology of Search and Rescue in Baxter State Park: Dangers of Descent and Fatigue
Chris R. Welter, J. Matthew Sholl, Tania D. Strout, Ben Woodard

Review Article

Lyme Disease: What the Wilderness Provider Needs to Know
Joseph D. Forrester, J. Priyanka Vakkalanka, Christopher P. Holstege, Paul S. Mead

Clinical Images

An Elderly Man from Solukhumbu, Nepal, with a Rash
Nishant Raj Pandey, Abhijit Adhikary, Sanjaya Karki

Lessons from History

Coca: High Altitude Remedy of the Ancient Incas
Amy Sue Biondich, Jeremy D. Joslin

Letters to the Editor

In Response to How Not To Train Your Dragon: A Case of Komodo Dragon Bite, by Borek and Charlton
Scott A. Weinstein, Julian White

In Reply to Drs Weinstein and White
Heather A. Borek, Nathan P. Charlton

The UPLOADS Project: Development of an Australian National Incident Dataset for Led Outdoor Activities
Natassia Goode, Paul M. Salmon, Michael G. Lenné, Caroline F. Finch

Race Medicine: A Novel Educational Experience for GME Learners
Jeremy Joslin, Joshua Mularella, Susan Schreffler, William F Paolo

Wilderness Medicine Curricular Content in Emergency Medicine Residency Programs
Elizabeth J. Aronstam, Mark L. Christensen, Michael P. Williams, David T. Overton

A Rare Case of Vaginal Bleeding in a Child Due to a Leech Bite and Review of the Literature
Anuruddha H. Karunaratne, Buddhika T.B. Wijerathne, Ravihar S. Wickramasinghe, Anura K. Wijesinghe, Aloka S.D. Liyanage

First Record of an Unusual Incident Between a Finfish—the White Snake Mackerel Thyrsitops lepidopoides (Teleostei, Gempylidae)—and a Surfer
Acacio R.G. Tomas

In Response to Snakebite Rebound Coagulopathy by Witham et al.
Michael E. Mullins, Anah J. Ali

In Reply to Drs Mullins and Ali
William R. Witham

Brown Bear Attacks in a Nepalese Scenario: A Brief Review
Alok Atreya, Tanuj Kanchan, Samata Nepal, Jenash Acharya

In Response to Ultraendurance Athletes With Type 1 Diabetes: Leadville 100 Experience, by Khodaee et al
Harvey V. Lankford

In Reply to Dr Lankford
Morteza Khodaee, Mark Riederer, Karin VanBaak, John C. Hill

Wilderness Images

Thevetia peruviana
GN Pramod Kumar, Alok Atreya, Tanuj Kanchan


Reliance on Technology Among Climbers on Mount Rainier
David C. Hile, Jessica J. Walrath, Aaron S. Birch, Lisa M. Hile

Altitude Illness on Mt. Rainier—Incidence and Climbers’ Cognizance
Lisa M. Hile, Aaron S. Birch, Jessica J. Walrath, David C. Hile

Civilian Helicopter Search and Rescue Accidents in the United States: 1980 Through 2013
Gordon H. Worley

Impact of Previous Concussion on Helmet Use and Risk Compensation
Alison D. Taylor, Megan L. Fix, Jeremy L. Davis, Stuart E. Willick, Graham E. Wagner

Epidemiology of the Pennsic Wars 2007–2013: A Medieval Mass Gathering Event
Philip S. Nawrocki, Peter Roolf, Morgan Garvin, John O’Neill

Bridging the Gap: Introducing Undergraduate Students to Wilderness and Emergency Medicine
Katie E. Joy,, Elaine M. Reno, Bonnie Kaplan, Todd Miner, Jay M. Lemery

The Effect of Helmet Cameras on Risk-Taking Behavior Among Mountain Bikers
Lauren M. Cantwell, Meredith Ray, Timothy J. Fortuna

The Influence of Hydration on Thermoregulation During a 161-km Ultramarathon
Taylor R. Valentino, Kristin J. Stuempfle, Marialice Kern, Martin D. Hoffman

Weight Change and Hydration Status During a 161-km Ultramarathon
Karin D. Van, Jack Spittler, Bjorn Irion, Martin D. Hoffman, Morteza Khodaee

Hydration Guidelines During Exercise: What Message Is the Public Receiving?
R. Tyler Hamilton, Theodore L. Bross, Martin D. Hoffman

Food and Fluid Intake During Extreme Heat: Experiences From The Badwater Ultramarathon
Jacqueline S. Brown, Declan Connolly

Body Mass Changes and Fluid Consumption During an 80.5-km Treadmill Time Trial
Hannah J. Moir, Christopher C.F. Howe

Energy Cost of Running During a Bout of 80.5-km Treadmill Running
Christopher C.F. Howe, Hannah J. Moir

In-task Assessment of Psychological Changes During an Ultramarathon Race
Dolores A. Christensen, Britton W. Brewer, Jasmin C. Hutchinson

Would You Stop Running if You Knew It Was Bad for You? The Ultramarathon Runner Response
Martin D. Hoffman

The Development and Initial Assessment of a Novel Heart Rate Training Formula
Tracy B. Høeg, Phil Maffetone

Medical Care and Runner Characteristics at a 161-km High Altitude Ultraendurance Run in Colorado, 2014
G. Clover, Laura Pyle, Leo Lloyd

Utility of Urine Dipstick for Detecting Runners With Acute Kidney Injury Following a 161-km Ultramarathon
Morteza Khodaee, Bjørn Irion, Jack Spittler, Martin D. Hoffman

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