$250,000 to get kids into Parks! “Every Kid in a Park”

Today, it was announced that Outdoor Foundation and Outdoor Industry Association put $250,000 seed money into an online crowdsourcing funding opportunity. Please check it out and let your education and nonprofit partners know they can go to https://www.crowdrise.com/everykidinapark and upload their project proposal. This is a fantastic opportunity to find funds for transportation.

Good luck!!!

Here are the basics. There is more on the site:

Outdoor Industry Association and Outdoor Foundation and its partners will launch the Centennial Campaign with an initial investment of $250,000 – giving school and nonprofit partners a kick start to their fundraising efforts and challenging the outdoor industry and other sectors to join the campaign. As part of this commitment and to kick off the campaign, the Foundation will award $100 to the first 100 projects that sign up.

How It Works:
1. School and nonprofit partners register and create their campaign profile that describes their project and fundraising need.
2. Working with Outdoor Industry Association and Outdoor Foundation, partners promote their project by sharing a unique URL with potential funders.
3. In preparation for the park visit, partners should go to the ‘Every Kid in a Park’ website https://everykidinapark.gov to learn more about the initiative and download free park passes.
4. Once the fundraising goal is met, the partner is prompted to submit a few verification documents (i.e. w-9 and letter from participating school) to the Outdoor Foundation.
5. The Foundation will release funds within 30 days of receiving the information.
6. Every Kid in a Park becomes a reality!

1. Only schools and nonprofits are eligible.
2. The park experience must engage 4th graders.
3. The park experience must happen on participating federal lands and water in 2016. CLICK HERE to see all of the agencies and locations supporting Every Kid in a Park.
4. All funds should be used for direct park experience expenses.


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