Experience Industry Management Conference and Research Retreat Updates

The Annual Experience Industry Management (EIM) Conference hosted by the Department of Recreation Management at BYU will take place March 29-30, 2016 in Provo, UT.

This three-day event brings together academics and professionals from a variety of fields and industries to talk about the provision of meaningful experiences. The conference also provides excellent networking opportunities for current students interested in experience industry related careers.

This year’s conference will features an excellent selection of experience design related speakers, workshops, and networking events. Announced speakers include:

A research retreat on Monday, March 28 precedes the conference. The day will provide researchers the opportunity to: generate and share research ideas by leading a roundtable discussion, share work in progress, and/or present completed research. The intent is to provide a setting different than a traditional research symposium by creating time and space for discussion of ideas. The hope is to bring a group of academics together who have a shared interest in studying and understanding experiences from the participant and provider perspective and who are eager to discuss ideas. We define experiences quite broadly and hope to attract a diverse array of researchers, research topics, and discussion areas. It will be a collaborative and intimate experience with ample opportunities for interaction.

For more information and to register visit: http://marriottschool.byu.edu/event/eimconf2016/home

The abstract submission deadline for the EIM Research Retreat is February 16th. See the attachment for more information.

Mat Duerden, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Recreation Management

Marriott School of Management

Brigham Young University


EIM CALL FOR ABSTRACTS (Research Retreat).docx


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