Urgent Action Needed By 9/2 to Save the Confluence of the Little Colorado and the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

CALLING ALL CANYON & RIVER ADVOCATES — The unthinkable has happened. Legislation has been submitted within the

Grand Canyon River Guides Association

Grand Canyon River Guides Association

Navajo Nation for the Grand Canyon Escalade proposal (421 acres of development above the sacred confluence of the Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers, with a gondola/tramway that could bring 10,000 people down to river level PER DAY). If approved, this massive development would FOREVER CHANGE GRAND CANYON!

EVERYONE should submit comments and speak out against this terrible proposal before the deadline which is 5:00 PM this Friday, Sept 2nd!! Please spread the word far and wide through email and social media! We need YOUR help!

1. READ THIS HORRIBLE LEGISLATIVE PROPOSAL AT http://www.navajonationcouncil.org/Legislations/2016/AUG/0293-16.pdf

2. SIGN THE PETITION AGAINST THIS PROPOSAL! The petition link can be found at www.savetheconfluence.com (and please encourage others to support and follow the STC Facebook page, sign up for email alerts, etc.)

3. COMMENT DIRECTLY TO THE NAVAJO NATION! You can email directly to comments or you can mail comments to: Executive Director Office of Legislative Services P.O. Box 3390 Window Rock, AZ 86515 (928) 871-7590. Comments may be made in the form of chapter resolutions, letters, position papers, etc. Please include your name, position title, address for written comments; a valid e-mail address is required. Anonymous comments will not be included in the Legislation packet.

For a 2 page summary of the proposed legislation: http://www.grandcanyontrust.org/sites/default/files/gc_Confluence_Partners_Escalade.pdf
For more information on what’s at stake: http://www.grandcanyontrust.org/stopping-grand-canyon-escalade
And also: http://savetheconfluence.com/news/proposed-grand-canyon-escalade-bill-starts-move/

The bottom line is:

· This is GRAND CANYON – one of the seven NATURAL wonders of the world. If the Navajo Nation government approves this development, the integrity of values for which Grand Canyon was created will be severely compromised and degraded FOREVER.

· The Little Colorado River corridor and its confluence with the Colorado River is culturally and spiritually significant to ALL of the affiliated tribes who hold Grand Canyon sacred.

· A fragile, delicately balanced ecosystem is at stake. Proposed development raises serious questions about water, sewage, noise, impacts to endangered species (such as the humpback chub that spawn in the Little Colorado River), dark skies and wilderness values.

Nothing less than the future of Grand Canyon is at stake. We support the tireless efforts of SAVE THE CONFLUENCE and all those who adamantly oppose this massive development. Grand Canyon River Guides’ mission statement states: “We will act whenever a canyon natural resource is threatened or the quality of the Grand Canyon experience is compromised.” STAND WITH US AND TAKE ACTION NOW!!! Canyon and river stewards unite!!

Lynn Hamilton
Executive Director
Grand Canyon River Guides


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