This marketing email was too funny, the Rest too Heart Warming. I just had to share


  Have someone special that needs something special for Christmas?



  The Crew at JPW is bringing boatloads of goodies to you for Christmas



  Please allow us to throw out some Christmas gift Ideas. 




Our #1 choice will always be a paco pad.  These sleeping pads have so much to offer other than just a camping pad.  If you have guests arriving for Christmas, then They come in handy as extra beds.  Snuggling up around the fire place on a paco pad is a great way to end a great day of skiing, or (heaven forbid) last minute shopping in the snow. 


Find our paco pads online here!

Paco pads what can you do with one


  Guitar bags, and other instrument bags.

Standard guitar bag from JPW



We make many different kinds of instrument bags also. Please have a look at this site for some of the more popular ones.

Many different instrument bags are available


Colapsible Buckets 

Buckets may be the very best Christmas present ever.  My favorite style is the round bucket, because it is easier to use on river trips when “shopping for groceries” or washing dishes.  However we have oval shaped Buckets also with two straps for the handle. After you use these at the grocery store, to haul your pipe fittings, or your wet suit.   Soon you will not be able to live with out one.  they are handy beyond description.



Purchase  our  Dry Bags on the web

Purchase our Self Bailing Whitewater Rafts on the web.

Purchase our Catarafts, on the web   

Purchase our Culebras Frameless catarafts on the web


Have a look at our end of season sale prices. 


All prices are discounted 10% for the Christmas Season.

Stores and Outfitters get aditional discounts as well.  So do not forget to ask! 


  What Ever Happened to the Grass Hopper Raft?


Well it is done, and you can purchase one.  Give us a call about availability and when we can schedule one for you.  Be sure to have a look at our progress and pricing here.



JPW Wishes Merry Christmas to some customers who really need some special projects

  Merry Christmas to Our Marine Mammal friends 

Please have a look at this device we made for Rescue of Manatees that are injured by motor boats.  


Dolphin Research Center asked us to make this product for them.  It will help rescue Manatees and Dolphins that are injured.  See the video about how it works, and see the document explaining the rational behind the design.



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