2016-2017 In bound ski/board fatalities – Last one this year, Last one forever

This list is not guaranteed to be accurate. The information is found from web searches and news dispatches. Those references are part of the chart. If you have a source for information on any fatality please leave a comment or contact me. Thank you.

If this information is incorrect or incomplete please let me know.  This is up to date as of May 5, 2017. Thanks.

Skiing and Snowboarding are still safer than being in your kitchen or bathroom. This information is not to scare you away from skiing but to help you understand the risks.

Red type is natural or medical conditions that occurred inbounds on the slopes

Green Type is Fatalities while sledding at the Resort

Blue Type is a Lift Accidents

Purple Type is Employee or Ski Patroller

# Date State Resort Where Trail Difficulty How Cause of death Ski/ Board Age Sex Home town Helmet Reference Ref # 2
1 11/26 CO Keystone Elk Run Intermediate Hit lift tower at high speed Skier 18 M LA Y
2 12/10 VT Killington Ski Area   Intermediate Found dead   Skier 65 M Lagrangeville, NY
3 12/11 CA Northstar Village Run Expert (off duty ski instructor) hit several rocks and crashed into a creek avoiding other skier Skier 35 M Incline Village, NV & Kings Beach Y
4 12/11 NV Alpental Ski area Tree Well death was asphyxia due to immersion in snow Skier 45 M
5 12/11 NV Mt. Rose The Chutes Avalanche in closed run Skier 60 M
6 12/12 VT Killington Ski Area         Skier 80 M Wappingers Falls, NY  
7 12/19 CO Breckenridge Alpine Alley Hit a tree accidental blunt force trauma 48 M Longmont CO Y
8 12/29 CO Ski Granby Ranch Quick Draw Express lift Fell out of chair lift traumatic rupture of the aorta and blunt force trauma to the torso Skier 40 F San Antonio, TX
9 12/31 UT Snowbasin Hit tree Skier 24 M Ogden, UT Y
10 1/1/17 MI Crystal Mountain Penny Lane Intermediate lost control and veered into a tree crash cracked Delaney’s helmet and caused a serious brain injury Skier 10 F La Grange, IL Y
11 1/1 OR Mt. Baker     Found slumped over snowmobile     67 M  
12 1/7 VT Killington Skyeship Gondola   Found on Floor Fall     M  
13 1/13 CO Breckenridge Expert Found by ski patrol Skull Fracture 47 M Longmot, CO N
14 1/16 VT Sugar Bush Mount Ellen Hit Tree Hampden Skier 39 M Hampden, MA N
15 PA Shawnee Mountain Ski Area lost control and struck an orange safety fence 15 F Singapore
16 1/14 UT Brighton Ski Resort hit a tree Boarder 35 M Millcreek, UT
17 1/14 NY Belleayre Mountain Ski Center Wanatuska Trail Expert Boarding 25 M Centersport, NY
18 1/24 CA Squaw Valley Gold Coast Ridge   denotation of an explosive charge     42 M Olympic Valley, CA
19 1/26 WA Stevens Pass Mountain Resort Mill Valley side Expert found the man unresponsive and not breathing 55 M Woodinville, WA
20 1/26 PA Camelback Ski Resort Hump Expert he went off the trail Boarding 21 M Stroudsburg N
21 1/20 died 1/27 UT Snowbasin Resort Bluegrass Terrain Park He fell hard suffered damage to his vertebrae that extended into the base of his brain Skier M Ogden, UT
22 2/4 WV Snowshoe Mountain went off the trail Skier 67 M
3 2/5 Cannon Mountain Taft Slalom lost control 57 F Amherst
24 2/6 WA 49 Degrees North ski area Tree Skiing falling into a tree well Boarder M
25 2/8 NY Hunter Mountain Annapurna Trail Expert lost control and slid about 200 feet before going off the trail and striking several trees Skier 58 M Orange County
26 2/10 CO Breckenridge Ski Area Advanced severe head trauma 26 M Mexico City, MX Y
27 2/11 VT Killington collided with a tree Boarder 26 M Toms River, NJ N
28 2/11 CT Mohawk Mountain Ski Area Collison with another skier Skier F
29 2/13 VT Stowe Cliff Trail trapped in deep snow in a tree well hypothermia Boarder 22 M Needham, M
30 2/15 CO Winter Park Resort Forget-Me-Not trapped in deep snow in a tree well 17 F
31 2/13 CO Crested Butte severe head injury Skier 44 M KS Y
32 2/17 OH Snow Trails tried to avoid a collision with a young girl and man in his path Hit a pole


59 M Gahanna, OH
33 2/22 NH Cranmore Mountain Resort Intermediate crashed into a tree. 13 M Y
34 2/23 CA Northstar Treewell 43 M New Canaan, CN
35 2/25 CO Purgatory Resort Demon Intermediate struck a tree 34 F Farmington, NM Y
36 2/26 ID Sun Valley Can-Can Tree well 34 M Meridian
37 3/3 ME Sugarloaf Skidder trail Double Black Diamond       24 M Farmington N
38 3/3 CO Breckenridge Ski Resort Broke her leg 15 F Wichita, KS N
39 Hunter Mountain Racer’s Edge Trail Double Black Diamond went off the trail and struck several trees 20 M Cream Ridge, NJ
40 3/7 CO Eldora Mountain Resort Mule Shoe black diamond crashing into a tree Boarder 23 M Aurora, CO Y
41 3/7 OR Mt. Hood Meadows Jacks Woods extremely difficult Hit a tree, found in tree well 57 M Dallas TX
42 3/19 CO Buttermilk Mountain Green hit a tree multiple skull fractures and other various serious injuries 20 M OK N
43 3/12 NH Mount Sunapee Skyway trail intermediate Found unresponsive Suicide   45 M North Andover, Mass
44 3/24 CO Loveland Ski Area Lift 8 skied directly into a tree Ski 35 M Georgetown, CO Y
45 3/21 CO Wolf Creek Ski Area Summer Days Intermediate lost a ski, and, as a result, began to “tomahawk” internal injuries, including broken ribs and a collapsed lung Ski 56 M FL Y
46 4/8 CO Breckenridge Ski Area Springmeier Run Beginner colliding with a tree stump blunt-force trauma to the abdomen Ski 12 M Hermosa Beach, CO Y
47 4/28 CO Loveland Ski Area West Ropes run off Lift 4 Expert involved in an accident in the trees Skier 59 M Boulder, CO
48 5/3 UT Snowbird Ski Area Chip’s Run found him unresponsive Skier 54 M Millcreek, UT

Download a PDF of this chart here.  2016 – 2017 Ski Season Deaths 5.5.17

Our condolences go to the families of the deceased. Our thoughts extend to the families and staff at the ski areas who have to deal with these tragedies.

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