2nd Annual Adventure Trainer’s


The 2nd Annual Adventure Trainer’s Lab is an advanced level conference that offers professional development and continuing education opportunities to TRAINERS working in the “traditional use” and “amusement device” fields of…challenge course, zip line, canopy tour and adventure parks.

In 2017, the first ever Adventure Trainer’s Lab attracted an impressive and diverse group of trainers. Overall, the response was very positive and the closing debrief provided us with feedback to enhance the quality and value of the conference.

It is our intention that The Adventure Trainer’s Lab be responsive to and evolve based on the input of all trainers.


Adventure trainers are largely responsible for the growth and efficacy of these experiential modalities yet opportunities for professional development and continuing education are rare. Thus, leaving many adventure trainers at a loss for resources or a body of peers to engage in healthy dialog and debate.

Until now…The Adventure Trainer’s Lab seeks to positively influence the safety, efficacy and sustainability of the adventure and experiential fields by supporting the development and evolution of trainers.


The format for The Adventure Trainer’s Lab is a 3-day gathering combining prepared sessions / speakers with the dynamic and responsive nature of “Open Space Technology”.

“Open Space Technology” is the epitome of experiential education as it engages participants fully in the content, direction and flow of the conference.

In the months leading up to the conference, we are seeking your input into the content you need, presenters you value and your ideas of how to make the event highly productive and meaningful.

Help us to create the conference that will serve you.


If you train facilitators and guides in the “traditional use” and/or “amusement device” fields of…challenge course, zip line, canopy tour and adventure parks, then…this conference is for YOU!

You may work for a…school district / university, camp, therapeutic facility, resort / retreat center, government agency, commercial adventure program, or for a professional vendor, etc.

Or, you have / are pursuing an advanced degree in education or training.

Or, you provide products, services or training to trainers (and/or) facilitators.


New in 2018…the ALUMNI RATE! You are eligible if you attended The Adventure Trainer’s Lab in 2017.

Alumni rates ALSO apply to employees of an organization that have sent participants to a previous Adventure Trainer’s Lab.


Join us December 3-5, 2018 at the Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel as we…exchange ideas, share best practices, build our knowledge, develop testing rubrics, debate higher levels of certification and find new trainer employees / employers. Come with your questions, your knowledge and your passion.

Let’s create a learning community of adventure trainers and raise the bar on facilitation and training for recreation, education and therapy!

For complete conference information and registration, click here

EARLIER Bird registration ends…September 28, 2018

Virus-free. www.avast.com

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