World Leisure Congress on the African Continent


2016 LARASA World Leisure Congress

Theme : Challenges, Choices and Consequences

Congress Dates: 27 – 30 June 2016, Durban, South Africa



The first World Leisure Congress on the African continent will be hosted by the Leisure and Recreation Association of South Africa (LARASA) in Durban, from 27 – 30 June 2016. The aim is to explore the main theme “Challenges, Choices and Consequences” by creating a platform for professionals from diverse fields to interact, share and present a context for leisure services and opportunities. We anticipate speakers and delegates from many countries, communities and academic fields to merge their knowledge by identifying the challenges that confront us, to develop strategies in making the right choices and to achieve positive consequences for all. The benefits of leisure has been widely documented and this congress will highlight the importance of an integrated approach using leisure services to improve the human condition, transform spaces and boost the economy.

The legacy we leave behind for future generations as leisure professionals is reflected not only in the extensive scientific research evidence debated throughout the week, but also in the mentorship and grooming of the young leisure professional as a future leader. The Congress provides a platform for young people to be part of the volunteer corp under expert supervision throughout the week.

Together with the World Leisure Centers of Excellence (Breda, Deusto, Aizona State University and Vancouver Island), we are thrilled to announce the innovative field school concept which will be held during the week of the Congress. Leisure and Tourism students are invited to be part of this stimulating and exciting opportunity to engage in a critical discourse with a focus on theory and hands on practicum in a local setting within the city of Durban.

The warmest place to be in South Africa is Durban (! Located on the east coast, it is a popular tourist destination and coastal city, a trendsetter in offering great lifestyle, adventure activities, natural beauty and is an astonishingly liveable city. The city played host to the successful 2010 FIFA World Cup events which transformed Durban into a leisure and sustainable city where different cultures mingle. The celebration of the historic and cultural event in 2016, of the 200 year anniversary of the formation of the Zulu Nation under the leadership of King Shaka, provides the perfect landscape for the 2016 LARASA World Leisure Congress.

A warm and cordial invitation is extended to all presenters and delegates to explore and reflect on the role of leisure across the lifespan and all sectors to become the fastest growing global trend to address global concerns. The congress affords each one an opportunity to share research across the spectrum of the environment, society and the economy.

Submissions are invited for the following sub themes

1. Leisure and Society

2. Leisure, Health and Happiness

3. Leisure and the Environment

4. Leisure, the Economy and Technology

5. Leisure Research / Methodology / Theory

6. Leisure and Tourism

7. Leisure Management

8. Leisure and Education

9. Leisure, theme parks and playgrounds

10. Leisure, culture and creative industries

Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be 400-500 words, structured as follows and submitted using the online abstract submission form.

Full title of paper as it will appear in the conference programme (not more than 10 words)

a. Abstract should include, background (outline of the context and/or academic literature informing the research),

i. approach (indication of the broad theoretical orientation and/or methodological approach), and

ii. significance (description and application of the original research findings reported in the paper)

b. Most relevant conference theme as listed above.

c. Type of presentation

a. Due date for abstract : 30 June 2015

For further information, please visit our websites : and

We look forward to hosting you in the warm city of Durban where the fun never stops!

Take advantage of the early bird registration which is now open.

Kind regards

The Organising Committee

Leisure and Recreation Association of South Africa

P O Box 202122 Durban North 4016 South Africa

T : +27 82 4848146

Alberta’s mountain guide service is being sued because two clients were drugged and robbed on Kilimanjaro. After drugging, client still summited the mountain.


Plaintiff claims they are suing because statements made by the

 English: January 15, 1938. Mt. Kilimanjaro: Th...outfitter angered them and because outfitter never called to apologize. Robbed client’s parent is a California attorney.

 So according to the news report three people, one the attorney, her daughter and a male friend booked a trip with Berg Adventures International to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. The mother booked the trip with Berg because of its “its reputation for providing comfortable, full-service travel experiences.”

 The mother/plaintiff’s attorney was not present that night; she turned back because of altitude problems. After being drugged and robbed, the two ascended to the summit: “two did continue to the summit, but she claims that was the fastest way off the mountain

 I don’t know what is the fastest way off the summit, however, going up is rarely faster than going down, even if going down requires you to go down and around.

 Why did they sue?

 Lewis said she decided to sue Berg Adventures International after the company failed to contact her or apologize for what the travellers went through.

 She said she was also angered the company posted dispatches from the trip on its website, congratulating her daughter and her friend for their rapid descent of the mountain, without acknowledging that the reason was to seek medical treatment.

 I read, and you can read the posted dispatches here: March 6, 2014 – The Team Summits

Ascend past Rebmann Glacier Mt. Kilimanjaro

Ascend past Rebmann Glacier Mt. Kilimanjaro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kilimanjaro. They do not say why the couple decided to summit and then descend so quickly, but they are not negative. At that point in time, I would guess that on one really knew what had happened anyway.

 Is this an overreaction, an attempt to get a refund or can you find something that Berg Adventures International did that was negligent?

 Reputation comes from third parties, so I’m not sure how that could indicate a negligent act. Besides even if it were advertising the law allows a lot of leeway for puffing or statements made to close a sale.

 There is also an issue of jurisdiction. Hopefully, Berg Adventures International used a release, and it had a jurisdiction and venue clause requiring the suit to be in Alberta Canada.

 I’m not sure I would have advised my client to apologize, but some contact would have helped. To understand why people may sue based on emotional issues see:

 It’s Not Money                                                                                     

 Her life is permanently changed, but she really wants an apology

 Make sure you understand what the other side is saying          

 Money is important in some lawsuits, but the emotions that starts a lawsuit. 

 Serious Disconnect: Why people sue.                              

 Why do people sue? Not for the money.                           

 $700,000 in damages after summiting Kilimanjaro seems a little difficult to prove also. The agreement was to try to assist you in summiting…..seems like they did?

 See Alberta tour operator faces lawsuit over African misadventure

 Dispatches that created the anger can be located here: March 6, 2014 – The Team Summits Kilimanjaro..

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