2012-2013 In bound ski/board fatalities

This list is not guaranteed to be accurate. The information is found from web searches and news dispatches. Those references are part of the chart. If you have a source for information on any fatality please leave a comment or contact me. Thank you.

Several Corrections have been made to items reported earlier.

If this information is incorrect or incomplete please let me know.  This is up to date as of March 28, 2013. Thanks.

Skiing and Snowboarding are still safer than your kitchen or bathroom. This information is not to scare you away from skiing but to help you understand the risks and to study.

2012 – 2013 Ski Season Deaths

Blue is a death of an employee while working

# Date State Resort Where How Ski / Board Age Sex Hometown Helmet Ref Ref
1 12/2 MI Boyne Highlands Resort Camelot fell within the slope boundaries and did not collide with any type of obstacle Boarder 17 F Alanson, MI http://rec-law.us/11JFVOo
2 12/21 CA Squaw Valley KT-22 strike the tree Skier 71 M Auburn, CA Yes http://rec-law.us/10ctrSt
3 12/24 CA Donner Ski Ranch Avalanche Boarder 49 M Hirschdale, CA http://rec-law.us/UCaHJz http://rec-law.us/Sgjsbi
4 12/24 CA Alpine Meadows Sherwood Bowl Avalanche Skier 53 M http://rec-law.us/13eiU72 http://rec-law.us/VGsqh5
5 12/30 CO Snowmass Hanging Valley Headwall Avalanche, swept over cliff Skier 49 F Patricia Hileman http://rec-law.us/RCv6fd http://rec-law.us/VOCr8H
6 1/4 CO Copper Mountain Vein Glory Hit Tree M Houston, TX No http://rec-law.us/RCy03u http://rec-law.us/VyzVnU
7 1/9 CO Keystone Frenchman Hit Tree Skier 20 F Austin, TX No http://rec-law.us/VSGVvz http://rec-law.us/WGPsjQ
8 1/9 CO Wolf Creek Hit Tree Skier 70 M Pagosa Springs, CO http://rec-law.us/XVWEj2
9 1/19 MD Wisp Squirrel Cage Hit tree Skier 40 M Rockville, MD http://rec-law.us/XPB9wz http://rec-law.us/UJnfeK
10 1/21 UT Park City Silver King Hit tree Skier 67 M NJ No http://rec-law.us/YchKpN http://rec-law.us/Wm6mrQ
11 2/3 CA Mammoth Lakes Wipe Out 2 Fell Skier M http://rec-law.us/14BKzzk
12 2/4 CO Aspen Mountain Jackpot run Collision Skier 48 F Philadelphia, PA Yes http://rec-law.us/YCh1hM http://rec-law.us/YChb8O
13 2/8 CO Keystone Porcupine Hit Tree Skier 27 M Palos Hills, IL (Hillman AFB NM) Yes http://rec-law.us/XbsYsL http://rec-law.us/XPtHkJ
14 2/10 CO Breckenridge Columbia Hit Tree Skier 45 M Reston, VA Yes http://rec-law.us/YtRJ3y http://rec-law.us/Ujx85e
15 2/22 MD Wisp Squirrel Cage Hit Tree Skier 38 M Upper Arlington, OH http://rec-law.us/133BO30 http://rec-law.us/UZfW57
16 3/2 WI Devils Head Ski Resort Hit Tree Skier 30 M Madison, WI http://rec-law.us/13Grw9f http://rec-law.us/WUwUUw
17 NJ Mountain Creek Hit surface Skier M No Email
18 3/13 ID Sun Valley Resort Roundhouse Lane Hit Tree Skier 38 F Hailey, ID Yes http://rec-law.us/140BJ0o
19 3/16 CA China Peak Mountain Resort Fell and/or hit stump Skier 49 M Fresno, CA Yes http://rec-law.us/YOYIHa
20 3/21 CO Steamboat Springs Ski Resort Hit Tree Skier 35 M http://rec-law.us/105wEOX
21 3/22 CO Snowmass Ski Area Coney Glade run & Lunchline trails Hit Tree Skier 42 M Kensington, Md Yes http://rec-law.us/ZkmHej http://rec-law.us/13pmmPR
22 3/27 UT Brighton Ski Area Found wrapped around tree Boarder 26 M Sandy, UT Yes http://rec-law.us/10m67gi http://rec-law.us/X0cqY7
23 3/3 UT Deer Valley Little Bell Hit Tree Skier 33 M No http://rec-law.us/13W2zI7 http://rec-law.us/16ztlSh
24 4/12 OR Mt Hood Meadows Hit Tree Skier 51 M Yes http://rec-law.us/15aIFse

There is a rumor, unsubstantiated of a fatality at a Colorado Ski Area. Supposedly a skier hit a tree.

Our condolences go to the families of the deceased. Our thoughts extend to the families and staff at the areas who have to deal with these tragedies.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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WordPress Tags: information,news,references,Thank,Several,Corrections,items,January,Thanks,kitchen,bathroom,Season,Deaths,death,Blue,employee,Date,State,Resort,Where,Board,Hometown,Helmet,Boyne,Highlands,Camelot,boundaries,obstacle,Boarder,Alanson,Squaw,Valley,tree,Skier,Auburn,Donner,Ranch,Avalanche,Hirschdale,UCaHJz,Sgjsbi,Alpine,Meadows,Sherwood,Bowl,Snowmass,Headwall,cliff,Patricia,Hileman,Copper,Mountain,Vein,Glory,Houston,VyzVnU,Frenchman,Austin,VSGVvz,WGPsjQ,Wolf,Creek,Pagosa,Springs,Wisp,Squirrel,Cage,Rockville,UJnfeK,Park,Silver,YchKpN,Mammoth,Lakes,Wipe,Fell,Aspen,Jackpot,Collision,Philadelphia,Porcupine,Palos,Hills,Hillman,XbsYsL,XPtHkJ,Breckenridge,Columbia,Reston,Upper,Arlington,condolences,families,areas,tragedies,Leave,Twitter,LinkedIn,Recreation,Edit,RecreationLaw,Facebook,Page,Outdoor,Adventure,Travel,Blog,Mobile,Site,Outside,Moss,James,Attorney,Tourism,Risk,Management,Human,Rock,Ropes,Course,Challenge,Summer,Camp,Camps,Youth,Negligence,SkiLaw,OutdoorLaw,OutdoorRecreationLaw,AdventureTravelLaw,TravelLaw,JimMoss,JamesHMoss,AttorneyatLaw,AdventureTourism,RecLaw,RecLawBlog,RecreationLawBlog,RiskManagement,HumanPoweredRecreation,CyclingLaw,BicyclingLaw,FitnessLaw,RopesCourse,ChallengeCourse,SummerCamp,YouthCamps,laws,Colorado,managers,accidents,Lawyer,Paddlesports,Recreational,Line,RecreationalLawyer,FitnessLawyer,RecLawyer,ChallengeCourseLawyer,RopesCourseLawyer,ZipLineLawyer,RockClimbingLawyer,AdventureTravelLawyer,OutsideLawyer,Meadwos,Vail,Tags,Cause,Swept

Colorado Resorts Offering a Flurry of Early Season Ski Deals

Colorado Resorts Offering a Flurry of Early Season Ski Deals

Skiers can save with special offers on multi-day lift tickets, lessons, rentals, lodging, and a snow guarantee

DENVER, Colo. – November 9, 2012 – As the 2012/13 ski season gets underway in Colorado, Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) resorts are rolling out early season deals and incentives that underscore Colorado as a very attainable and affordable winter ski destination.

With the variety of discounted products recently released, savvy skiers will find that doing a little research can pay big dividends. “Guests have learned that by taking advantage of early season deals and booking their ski vacation early, they will yield the biggest savings and end up with a ski trip that fits their budget and needs,” explained Melanie Mills, president and CEO, Colorado Ski Country USA. “Resorts are able to leverage their partners in lodging, ski school and equipment rentals and put together some very creative and attractive packages.”

A sampling of resort early season deals is below and more can be found on www.ColoradoSki.com/deals.

Passes & Lift Tickets

East Wall at Arapahoe Basin

East Wall at Arapahoe Basin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin offers The Legend’s 4 Pass which is valid for four days of skiing or riding at Arapahoe Basin. The cost is $158 and the pass is non-transferable (this is a hard-card product that requires a photo) and available for purchase until December 14, 2012. Valid all season with no blackout dates, guests can purchase The Legend’s 4 online at Arapahoebasin.com or via phone by calling 888-ARAPAHOE.

Colorado Gems Card

The Colorado Gems Card is a discount card for use at the eight Colorado Gem resorts (Arapahoe Basin, Eldora, Loveland, Monarch, Powderhorn, Ski cooper, Ski Granby Ranch, and Sunlight). It offers deals and discounts that appeal to skiers and riders of all ages and abilities. In addition to the resorts’ upgraded season-long deals, there is a new component to this year’s Gems Card: Flash Deals. Flash Deals are special promotions and ways to save that are unique to each Gem resort and will be announced last minute throughout the season. CSCUSA will announce Flash Deals in the Gems newsletter, on social media, and on the Gems website www.ColoradoSki.com/gems. Only Colorado Gems Card holders will be able to take advantage of Flash Deals.


The Powderhorn P-Card is neither a season pass nor a lift ticket, but still offers flexibility and savings. The P-Card is a $69 product that allows the purchaser one free day of skiing or snowboarding and additional days at 20 percent off a regular single day adult lift ticket for the rest of the season. Complementary to the P-Card is the Deca Card. The Deca Card can be used for gifts, families, groups, and friends. The Deca Card is $170 and allows the holder to purchase 10 half-price lift tickets, one at a time, all in one day, or any combination in between. It is transferable with no blackout dates. Details and more information can be found at www.Powderhorn.com.

Ski Cooper

New this season is Ski Cooper’s XP 4 Day Pass for $99. Providing direct-to-lift access (pass will be scanned at the lift), no blackout dates or restrictions, and the flexibility to not be used on consecutive days, this deal breaks down to skiing or riding for less than $25 a day. The XP 4 Pass is non-transferable. The $99 purchase price is good until opening day (November 22 as conditions permit) and then the pass can be purchased for $119 while supplies last. For details and more information please visit www.SkiCooper.com.


Guests are invited to spend the early season in Ski Town USA with the Boat Launch pass that offers three days of skiing and riding from November 22 – December 14. The pass is $129, but with snow in the forecast, Steamboat is offering discounted passes for the next week. For details and more information please visit www.steamboat.com/boatlaunch.


Sunlight offers a free lift ticket to Powderhorn passholders until December 20, 2012. Skiers and riders need to show their Powderhorn season pass at the Sunlight ticket window to receive a lift ticket for the day. This offer is valid for all ages and available from opening day at Sunlight (scheduled for Dec. 7) until December 20, 2012. For details and more information please visit www.Sunlightmtn.com.

Lift & Lodging Packages

Aerial view of Ski Cooper.

Aerial view of Ski Cooper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This year the Limelight Hotel in Aspen, where dogs are welcome, offers deals such as its Ski Free package* where guests can receive up to two lift tickets per day with a three night minimum stay, based on availability, and some blackout dates apply. Details and more information can be found at www.limelighthotel.com.

*Lift tickets do not have a dollar value and are non-refundable. Lift tickets are good at all four Aspen/Snowmass ski areas, including Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass.

Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain’s Powder to the Pillow deal gives guests overnight stays in their back pocket to use at any point in time. Guests can pre-purchase three to six nights of lodging and reserve the rooms throughout the season. Visit www.CopperColorado.com for more information.

Crested Butte

A destination known for their past ski free promotions, Crested Butte Mountain Resort offers free skiing for everyone on Opening Day of the 2012-2013 winter season. On November 21, 2012, everyone skis for free, no strings attached. If guests want to stay longer and still receive free skiing, they can book the Ski Free with Lodging package with Crested Butte Vacations at www.skicb.com or call 800-600-2803. Stay one night and receive a free day of skiing for each person on the reservation. This package is available November 21 – December 19, 2012.

Skiers and riders can escape to the scenic Colorado Rocky Mountains for $95 per person/per night with Purgatory’s Rocky Mountain Getaway. The package includes two days of lift tickets and two nights lodging at Durango Mountain Resort. For more information and to book, guests can call 800-525-0892 and mention the “Rocky Mountain Getaway.” Details and more information can be found at www.DurangoMountainResort.com.

*Price is per person, per night, based on double occupancy, minimum two-night stay. Packages may be further customized. Not valid 12/24/2012 – 1/4/2013. Other restrictions may apply.


Steamboat believes that the early bird gets the worm through early rewards package. Travelers can save 20 percent on lifts and lodging for four nights and three days, as low as $394 per adult. A minimum four nights’ lodging and three day lift ticket is required for all guests. Additional savings can be found with Steamboat’s Airfare Sale, with flights as low as $150 into Steamboat’s Hayden Airport. United, Delta and American Airlines have deals from locations including Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando and more. Travelers need to book by November 30, 2012 for the best savings. For details and more information please visit http://www.steamboat.com/plan-your-trip/deals-and-packages/early-rewards.aspx.

Winter Park

Guest can book five flexible nights of lodging for $169 per night at The Vintage Hotel and they will receive a free Winter Park Season Pass. The season pass allows unrestricted access to Winter Park’s cruisers and Mary Jane’s famous mogul runs all season long. Lodging must book buy December 12, 2012.

New this year, Winter Park is offering a Snow Guarantee. With the guarantee, previously booked vacations can be rescheduled for later in the season if snow conditions are not up to guest’s standards. Trips must be booked for arrival/departure between November 14 – December, 20 2012. Notification of rescheduling must be made 48 hours prior to arrival (by 4 p.m., two days prior to arrival) and will be on a space available basis. Rescheduled trip must be used by April 21, 2013. The cost of the early season vacation will be applied to the later dates and any difference in cost will be paid by the guest and no refund will be offered.

This season Winter Park is offering 25 percent off nightly lodging at the resort. The discount applies to Winter Park Resort properties including Zephyr Mountain Lodge, Fraser Crossing, Founders Point, and Vintage Hotel. Offer is not valid December 26 – 31, 2012 and March 10 – 14, 2013 and must be booked by December 12, 2012. Details and more information can be found at www.WinterParkResort.com.



Aspen/Snowmass invites guest who are new to the sports of skiing and snowboarding to take advantage of a lift and lesson package and get on the slopes in the early season. Right now, guests can buy 2, get 3 on lift tickets, equipment rentals, and group lessons (all kids group lessons ages 5 – 17 and adult group lessons level 4 and up). Packages must be booked by November 19, 2012 and are valid November 22 – December 20, 2012. To book this package and get more information please visit www.stayaspensnowmass.com.


Loveland has a deal for those who have never tried skiing or riding before but always wanted to. With Loveland’s 3-Class Pass, guests can learn a new sport and receive an Unrestricted Loveland Season Pass to enjoy and practice turns all season long. Guests can simply sign up for three ski or snowboard full lesson packages, which include lesson, all day lift ticket and equipment rental. Once they complete the third lesson, they will receive a season pass. Additional charges apply for novice and low intermediate adults. Prices and more information can be found at http://www.skiloveland.com/skischool/3_class_pass.aspx

Ski Granby Ranch

Ski Granby Ranch (formerly SolVista Basin) offers the Get On the Snow (GOTS) program for never-ever-before skiers or riders. With Ski Granby Ranch’s GOTS Program, guests can learn a new sport and receive a season pass to practice everything they learned. The program includes two full days of lessons and equipment rentals. Once the second lesson has been completed, guests will receive a season pass. For more information, please visit http://www.granbyranch.com/colorado-skiing-snowboarding-ski-resorts-ski-and-ride-school.html.

Wolf Creek

The Beginner Package at Wolf Creek Ski Area offers never-ever skiers and snowboarders a combination lift and group lesson ticket to keep it easy on the first day. The $56 price includes four hours in a group ski lesson and access to the beginner Nova double chairlift. For $66 the same deal can be used for snowboarders. This package is offered to adult skiers/boarders, as well as children ages nine and up. For details and more information please visit www.WolfCreekSki.com

Anniversary Deals

Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain welcomes its 40th season in the skiing business December 7 – 9 with throwback deals. All weekend long, Copper is offering anniversary themed specials; $40 lift tickets, $.72 beer at Endo’s, $40 equipment rental for two and $40 Ski & Ride School and Woodward at Copper packages and much more. Retro snow suits are requested but not required; visit www.CopperColorado.com for more details.

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Opening Day for Ski Resorts in the West have been announced

Take your gear into the shop and get it tuned up, Snow is coming (might be man-made but it is still coming!)

Opening day is always subject to weather and snow. Several resorts such as Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, Copper Mountain and Wolf Creek will open earlier if they get good snowfall. Log on to your local resorts website and sign up for announcements on when the actual opening day may be.


Alpine Meadows                          December 7, 2012

English: c. hassig, personal photo

Heavenly                                   November 16, 2012

Kirkwood                                    November 21, 2012

Mammoth Mountain                     November 08, 2012

Northstar                                   November 16, 2012

Squaw Valley                              November 21, 2012


Arapahoe Basin                           Mid October 2012 – Early June, 2013

Aspen Highlands                          December 8, 2012 – April 21, 2013

Aspen Mountain                           November 22, 2012 – April 14, 2013

Beaver Creek                             November 21, 2012

Breckenridge                              November 9, 2012

Buttermilk                                  December 15, 2012 – April 7, 2013

Copper Mountain                         November 2, 2012 – April 14, 2013

East Wall at Arapahoe Basin

Crested Butte                              November 21, 2012 – April 7, 2013

Echo Mountain                            December 5, 2012 – April 7, 2013

Eldora                                        November 16, 2012 – April 14, 2013

Howelsen Hill                              December 1, 2012 – March 17, 2013

Keystone                                    November 2, 2012

Loveland                                    Mid October 2012 – Early May, 2013

Monarch Mountain                       November 21, 2012 – April 14, 2013

Powderhorn                                December 13, 2012 – March 31, 2013

Purgatory at DMR                        November 23, 2012 – March 31, 2013

Silverton Mountain                       December 1, 2012 – April 14, 2013

Ski Cooper                                 November 22 – November 25, 2012

Ski Granby Ranch                        December 12, 2012 – March 31, 2013

Snowmass                                  November 22, 2012 – April 14, 2013

Steamboat                                 November 21, 2012 – April 14, 2013

Sunlight                                     December 7, 2012 – March 31, 2013

Telluride                                     November 22, 2012 – April 7, 2013

Vail                                           November 16, 2012

Winter Park                                November 14, 2012 – April 21, 2013

Source is INCORRECT as this is A-Basin, not Lo...

Wolf Creek                                 November 2, 2012 – April 7, 2013


Alta                                           November 16, 2012

Beaver Mountain                         TBA

Brian Head                                 November 16, 2012

Brighton                                     TBA

Canyons                                     November 23, 2012

Deer Valley                                December 8, 2012

Eagle Point                                 December 21, 2012

Park City                                    November 17, 2012

Powder Mountain                         November 21, 2012

Snowbasin                                  November 25, 2012

Snowbird                                    November 17, 2012

All the lifts at aspen are chairlifts. This on...

Solitude                                     November 15, 2012

Sundance                                   December 7, 2012

Wolf Mountain                             November 23, 2012

Thanks to Get Outdoors for some of the dates on this list.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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