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It’s our 20th Anniversary!NCCPS 2012February 23-25, 2012Boulder, Colorado

NCCPS, the Facilitator’s UnConference is a 3-day gathering of facilitators, educators, trainers, consultants, and mental health professionals who come together to exchange their ideas, expertise and passion for experiential education.


At a traditional conference, a committee sets the agenda 6 to 9 months in advance. NCCPS is powered by a magical meeting technology called “Virtual Space”.

“Virtual Space” creates the structure and guides the process. YOU create the content “in the moment” based on your needs and the expertise you choose to share. YOU become part of a dynamic community of learning and sharing. Trust the process…it really works!

For complete UnConference info, start here.

It’s a Good Kind of Tired!

We have a saying….”you can sleep when you get home”. For 3 days, from sunrise to moonlight, we are learning, teaching, networking, sharing, creating, listening, reflecting, connecting, playing, laughing, drumming, dancing and singing. We learn best by experience.

Facilitator’s Formal — Friday, February 24th @ 6:30PM
A tradition and highlight each year is a themed costume party. This year to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re hosting a different kind of costume party. Come as yourself…looking your very best!

Za Boom Ba!
Kenya and Gabriela Masala are back with us this year to fuel NCCPS with drums, rhythm and dance! No previous experience is necessary! You can see what they have been up to here.

EARLIER Birds save $50 when you register before 12/31/11!

The Innovative TeamFebruary 27-29, 2012Boulder, ColoradoThe Innovative Team is a 30 hour team development workshop for both untrained and experienced facilitators based on actual material that Tom Leahy uses with his corporate clients. This workshop focuses on models, tools and skills that create teams that communicate clearly, solve problems together and make decisions quickly with total buy-in.

The Innovative Team teaches how to approach team building facilitation with confidence and helps facilitators develop the skills to really push a team while protecting it from harm.

For a detailed workshop description,click here.

$300 (discounted workshop fee with NCCPS full conference registration)

$475 (workshop only)

$425 (workshop only early bird with 30-day advanced purchase)

If you’re attending The Innovative Team only, register here.

If you’re also attending NCCPS, register here.

When we’re not planning NCCPS, we are running facilitator workshops, installing challenge courses, climbing walls and ziplines and conducting inspections and repairs. How can we support you and your program?Contact uswith your questions and ideas!Leahy & Associates NCCPS UnConference
Warm Regards,Tom and Jennifer Leahy


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