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We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter. Along with a bit about what we’ve been up to, we’ve selected some of the more popular stories we’ve shared on our social media channels.


5 Hiking Etiquette Tips You Need to Know.

By Sara Palmer – Phoenix New Times

“Society is full of rules. As grownups, we all know not to talk with our mouths full and to always face forward in a crowded elevator. But there was a time when we were young and inexperienced and maybe a little unsure of how to behave. Let’s face it, we’ve all either been that kid (or shared space with that kid) who sneezed without covering his mouth or stared at someone for way too long. Somewhere along the way, someone shed some light on our less than welcome behavior – and we are all the better for it. If the thought of hiking etiquette makes you feel like that uninformed kid, here are five simple things to keep in mind the next time you hit the trails.”

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Best of Luck Lindsay!

Our Colorado Coordinator accepts a fulfilling position in Miami.

We’d like to wish our Colorado Coordinator, Lindsay Walton the best of luck. She has accepted her dream job in Miami doing the work she loves, environmental law. While we will certainly miss her energy, passion, and charm, we’re happy she’s going to make a positive difference in protecting our environment. Perhaps once the dust settles, she’ll be inclined to get something going for us in Florida.

“Lindsay was one of the first people to help me here in Colorado. She is a great organizer and was instrumental in helping us get established with Open Space and other agencies. She helped nurture me through some of the difficult ups and downs of our startup period; I’ll miss her advice, her support, and cheerful can-do attitude.” Richard L. P. Solosky, Interim Executive Director, Clean Trails.

Clean Trails is an all-volunteer organization working to build community through action. There are dozens of ways you can get involved too. If enough people can each do just a little, we can move mountains of litter and end the growing cycle of abuse.

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Mountain Lion Rescued from Butte Fire Comes to Central Coast

Courtesy of KSBY News

“From the ashes of the Butte Fire, a tale of survival. A badly burned mountain lion cub has been brought to Paso Robles to recover and live the rest of its life.

In mid-September, firefighters found Tahmahlah, estimated to be 2 to 4 months old, inside the Butte Fire on top of a tree stump surrounded by flames.”

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Postcard From the Trail

Life Lessons on the Appalachian Trail, by Simone Olive

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…
not going all the way and not starting.” – Gautama Buddha“The truth is, that after this latest trip to the Appalachian Trail, I learned a lot about myself while walking through the woods. Two girlfriends that I met while on my last guided trip to the AT, accompanied me on this trip in October. We started in Pearisburg, VA and we got off the trail only about 26 miles north of Pearisburg.”Postcards From the Trail is a recurring blog post from our volunteers and other contributors. If you have a story from the trail you would like to tell, please send it our way.Read Simone’s Story
Hiker in Norway Finds Ancient Viking Sword

Via Backpacker Magazine

A Norwegian hiker who was following an ancient route between west and east Norway stumbled across a 1,200-year-old Viking sword.

The wrought-iron sword is 30 inches long and dates back to around 750 A.D. during the Viking Age, which lasted for more than 300 years, between 700 A.D. and the late 11th century.

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