Point 65 Sweden acquires Boblbee: A line of backpacks developed to protect your gear


Point 65 Sweden
acquires Boblbee.

Point 65 Sweden has acquired iconic, Swedish, backpack and bag producer, Boblbee and is re-launching the awesome product line under the Point 65 Sweden brand.

Richard Ohman, Founder of Point 65 Sweden:
“We are following our original strategy, to branch out beyond paddle sports and enter the general Outdoor world. Boblbee is the perfect vehicle to take the first step in realizing our vision. These are truly unique products with super cool design, outstanding quality, engineering, and attention to detail. There is nothing else like these packs out there”.

Management has been merged and manufacturing consolidated with Point 65’s. Boblbee’s current distribution network will be integrated with Point 65’s, making the products globally available.

Point 65 Packs boast the best back protection in the world. Germany´s technical inspection association, TÜV, rates these packs higher than any purpose-made back protection.

Also the best gear protection. The Point 65 packs not only protect your back —your gear and electronics are also safe.
Laptops, tablets, cameras, and other valuables are secure in your Point 65 packs. The packs can survive your worst wipe out, cycle crash and withstand being driven over by a car, leaving your laptop intact.

The packs are ergonomically sound. The comfortable back piece continues all the way to the end of the lower back while the center of gravity is kept high. This makes for a pack that is exceptionally easy to carry even with a heavy load.

The products are mainly targeted for everyday use like going to work or school, shopping, travelling etc. They are super cool, extremely comfortable and you never have to worry about your electronics getting banged around while moving through airports, subways, and crowds.
The lightweight packs are great when exploring the outdoors and down right genius for action sports or cycling.

The Point 65 website http://www.point65.com will launch a pack & bag section spring 2015. Until then please refer to http://www.boblbee.com.

About Point 65 Sweden
Point 65 Sweden, an innovative outdoor company with unique products within paddle sports and packs.
Point 65 Kayaks Sweden is the leading paddle sports brand in Northern Europe and one of the fastest growing kayak companies in the world. Point 65 Kayaks offers a wide range of kayaks and SUP’s, accessories such as paddles and PFD’s and is the company behind the market changing modular kayaks Tequila!, Martini, Mercury and Apollo kayaks as well as the modular stand up paddle board (SUP) the Rum Runner.
Point 65 Packs Sweden is the company behind the stylish and innovative hard shell packs known for their back and gear protection capabilities, outstanding quality and ergonomically superior carrying comfort.

Point 65 Sweden
Karlbergs strand 4, 171 73 Solna, Sweden | Phone +46 8-663 01 06 | e-mail: mail@point65.se

English: Modern sea kayak in west Wales

English: Modern sea kayak in west Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)