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Kayak photo of Chris, Michael, Paul, Joan, Kat, Jackie
Chris – Michael – Paul – Joan – Kat – Jackie
Sea Kayaker Staff left high and dry in their kayaks.
Good tidings! The tide will always come back in.
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L.L. Bean and Point 65 to creat kayak with 100 L.L. Bean Employees

L.L.Beanto attempt getting 100 employees into world’s longest modular kayak in celebration of its 100th Anniversary during Annual PaddleSports Weekend, June 1-3

The event will also feature free boat testing, demonstrations, clinics, kid’s activities, guided kayak tours, free oceanside cookout, live music and great deals.

FREEPORT, ME.—As part of its ongoing 100th Anniversary celebration, L.L.Bean will attempt to get 100 employees into a uniquely built kayak that is nearly 500’ long during their 31st Annual PaddleSports Weekend. This could be a world-record for the longest modular kayak ever and if successful, L.L.Bean will submit it to Guinness World Records for consideration. The unique kayak being used for the attempt, the Point 65N Modular Kayak, is able to be joined together in sections, thus creating a kayak that will be approximately 500’ long–possibly the longest ever. The attempt will be made on Saturday, June 2nd at 11 a.m. at the L.L.Bean Paddling Center on Lower Flying Point in Freeport, Maine. The public is welcome to attend this event as well as all of the other family-fun activities at the Paddling Center over the weekend. Free shuttles will be available to take people to and from the Flagship Store all weekend long.

“What a perfect, fun way to infuse the essence of our 100th Anniversary, as well as our outdoor spirit into this event,” said Scot Balentine, L.L.Bean’s senior developer for outdoor equipment. “The 100 employees that are taking part are very excited to be sharing in this fun and historic moment. To set a new world record would simply put an exclamation point on what will no doubt be an already exhilarating experience.”

Other event highlights for the PaddleSports Weekend include a variety of waterfront activities at the L.L.Bean Paddling Center just minutes from the store on Saturday and Sunday, such as a free oceanside cookout, free boat testing with hundreds of kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and canoes. Plus folks will have the chance to speak with industry vendors and experts. In addition, there will be live music with the Eric Bettencourt on Saturday and Putnam Smith on Sunday, craft making for kids and more. Free shuttles will be running all weekend long to and from the Flagship Store and the Paddling Center.

The L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools will also offer 90-minute kayak tours of beautiful Casco Bay for only $35 and an Intro to Stand-Up Paddleboarding course for only $29. The L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools will also be offering their Kayaking Discovery Course all weekend for only $20. Space is limited, so please call 888-552-3261 to reserve your spot.

At the L.L.Bean Campus of Stores in downtown Freeport, there are even more terrific events such as demonstrations and clinics on everything from how to get into stand-up paddleboarding, selecting the right paddle, paddling techniques, as well as non-profit guests, vendors and much more. Special promotions start Friday and include 20% off the purchase of kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, canoes and Thule® car racks. L.L.Bean will also be offering a free extension middle section from the world record attempt (up to a $500 value) with the purchase of a Point 65N Modular Kayak while supplies last, For more information, please visit, or call 877-755-2326.

About L.L.Bean, Inc.

L.L.Bean, Inc. is a leading multi-channel merchant of quality outdoor gear and apparel. Celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year, the company was founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean and began as a one-room operation selling a single product, the Maine Hunting Shoe. While the business has grown substantially, the company remains committed to the same honest principles upon which it was built–a focus on the customer, continuous product improvement and innovation, respect for people, preservation of the natural environment and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The 220,000 sq. ft. Flagship campus of stores in Freeport, Maine is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and welcomes more than three million visitors each year. L.L.Bean can be found worldwide on, L.L.Bean Facebook, L.L.Bean Twitter and L.L.Bean YouTube.

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MA proposed stupid bill to promote litigation in kayaking

I always love it when people who have no idea what they are talking about, tell others how to do something. I’m not talking about tourists at Devils Tower

English: Modern sea kayak in west Wales

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Monument; in this case I’m talking the Massachusetts‘s legislation and how to teach sea kayaking.

Want proof? This was reported as testimony before a legislative committee.

“beginners are most at risk when they are fully strapped into a kayak….”

Rep. William M. Straus, D-Mattapoisett is the sponsor of the bill and author of the quote above. As a member of the board of directors of the Trade Association of Paddlesports (but speaking for myself) and a boater for 45 years, I’ve never seen a kayak that I was “strapped into” fully or not fully.

The Massachusetts legislation is proposing that kayaking schools must teach someone how to wet exit.

That is as dumb as it sounds!

The idea is based on, of course, a grieving family person, who is guessing that there relative died when he could not wet exit from his overturned boat. So we need to make sure no one else suffers that same fate, I guess.

First off, no reports show how or why the person died. But that does not matter, the legislature needs to act.

What’s worse is the witness reports about the accident state he victim was upright when he died, that he had rolled back up. Kayak student drowns off West Island. Consequently the new law about teaching wet exiting is not even based on events the law attempts to cure.

Things get worse. A kayak instructor would have to have the following to teach kayaking:

Is this measure going to save a life? No. What this measure will do is three things.

First it will make the widow feel better. She will feel like she has done something to keep someone from dying. She will feel like her husband did not die in vain. Our loved ones are not allowed to die without a cause or accomplishment in the US we must go out with either a bang or a legacy.

Second it will create lawsuits. We now have rules that will give anyone injured kayaking the opportunity to start a lawsuit. The first aid card of the instructor was out of date, the class did not fully cover wet exiting, the ACA certified instructor left the class for a minute and the non-ACA certified assistant was the only person there. I was not taught correctly therefore I can sue.

Third we will also have more government regulation. We have a state agency sticking their nose into kayaking schools and telling them how to do things. Again, another group of people who know nothing about what they are talking about, telling someone else how to do it. This blog seems to be coming around full circle: People with no clue telling those with the necessary education and experience how to do something.

See House endorses kayak wet-exit training

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