Virtuoso Series: 2 Years of Great Seminars with Leaders in the Outdoor Recreation Industry

The Team and Leadership Center is hosting a “Train the Trainer” workshop series. The idea came about after attending a couple of full day workshops, one with Jim Cain and the other with Mike Gass. It was great to see them lead hear the how and why they did things and be inspired by their passion for what they do. It is difficult to get that in a 1 1/2 work shop at a conference. Conferences are great, do miss read this, we enjoyed getting deeper. The other factor was cost. We wanted to create something you could come for the day and be home that night.

Most speakers will provide two standalone days for the workshops, the first day will typically be open to a large group, and the second day will be open to a smaller more engaging atmosphere. Some of the speakers will vary the format to suit their area of expertise.

The roster includes Chris Cavert, Jim Cain, Tom Leahy, Jen Stanchfield, Michelle and Paul Cummings, Greg Robinson, Tom Heck, and Jim Moss.

Workshop will be offered once a quarter and you can check the web site for detail and dates.

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