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Read more about the developing El Nino and the launch of our summer forecasts.
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El Nino Update

Welcome, El Nino! Ocean water temperatures reached 1.3 degrees Celsius above average in the “Nino 3.4 region” of the ocean. This means that we are pushing toward a “moderate” El Nino. Look at the red colors below, showing warmer-than-average water.
Why does El Nino matter for us skiers and riders? Changes in ocean water temperature in the Pacific Ocean affect weather patterns around the world. If El Nino maintains its strength into next winter, it could be good news for some regions of North America. For more, read these recent posts about El Nino’s affect on Tahoe and Utah.

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You’re not just a skier. Summer in the mountains is fun, too!
That’s why we are starting…48f0d21d-48a5-4a97-ba4b-5786b94360ee.pngHow will these forecasts help you? By answering questions like:

  • Which weekend day or mountain range will have fewer storms?
  • What time will the lightning threat increase? (the answer is NOT always “noon”)
  • In what direction should I look to keep an eye on approaching storms?

Access these forecasts by signing up for our summer email list.

  • Expect one email per week, delivered on Thursday morning.
  • This timing will help you plan your weekend.
  • Emails will start next Thursday, June 11th.
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Should I sign up for these forecasts?

  • Yes, if you hike, bike, or climb in the summer.
  • Yes, if you do these things in Colorado.
  • No, if you’re outside of Colorado. We will add other locations soon.

When to expect our next email?

Summer forecasts will ONLY be sent to our summer email list. If you’re in Colorado, sign up for that by clicking the button above.This is the Opensnow email newsletter, and it will visit your inbox again in July or August to share an update about El Nino plus expansion plans to bring our summer forecasts to other regions. Until then, enjoy your time playing in the mountains!– Joel Gratz, Founding Meteorologist, Chief Powder Officer

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