Another Litigation versus Criminal example

I’ve all ready commented about this issue length in Litigation v. Jail Time; however this article caught my eye. At the very bottom it

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mentions another boating accident. The owner of the jet skis who rented the jet skis was fined £450 for renting the jet skis.

Again another example of how in the US we sue, in Europe they charge criminally. Although in this case a £450 fine is probably much easier to deal with than protracted litigation, it still is a criminal charge that will be on someone’s record for life.

However the basic issue is who is going to take responsibility for dealing with problems. In Europe the government deals with the liability between two people. In the US, most of the time the victim is in charge of his life and any money someone may owe him.

See: Brit held after death of Cypriot diver

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