CPR is not fool proof

$7.6 million jury award for seizure that occurs on a school playground. Suit based on a allegation that CPR was not performed fast enough.

It has been said the worst thing to do is outlive your children. Losing a child must be horrendous. Having a child survive but in a barely vegetative state must be close, but with no closure. However, when a child has a seizure, the chances of CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) working is slim at best.

The seizure was an epileptic seizure that occurred when the child was playing on the basketball court. Either the seizure or the fall stopped his heart. The parents argued that the CPR was not soon enough and not adequate.

Now this is where it gets real exciting. The family had received $361,237 from a seizure the child had in 2003. The child fell on a playground and suffered burns from the metal grate he fell on. A nurse and marine administered CPR bringing the child around.


The school district offered to transport the child for free to another school where there was a full time nurse. The mother declined because it was too far away. Boy is it tempting to say something about losing opportunity at this point!

This is a sad case. This is also a disgusting case. This is a case where the phrase Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me fits. This is just stupid.

See Jury awards $7.6M for playground seizure.

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2 Comments on “CPR is not fool proof”

  1. Clearly, the jury didn't understand CPR. That boy was dead. He's alive now, so CPR worked.

    I would expect some duty of care in a school setting, but I sure don't know how far it extends into emergency medical care.

    But, with a student with a history of cardiac arrest, why the heck wasn't there an AED on site? They could buy a lot of AEDs for $7.6M.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Okay, the playground folks need training, that's obvious, but since when does a seizure create a need for CPR? Did the heart really stop, or did the do-gooders assume that was the thing to do without any training? Did THEY cause the heart to stop?

    Okay, all that aside, why is it the fault of the playground people that the child had a seizure and his heart stopped? Where were the parents? Where is their responsibility? They got $300K a couple years earlier for their son touching a hot metal grate? Really??!! I need to go find some grate and fall on it and make a whole lot more money than I make now by doing a real job every day.

    Thanks for the heads up.


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