Dartmouth settles ski lawsuit for unknown amount

College had tried several times to win suit based on motions and failed. 

As we’ve reported several times before Dartmouth University was being sued by the parents of a student who died in a class skiing. The class is being held at the Dartmouth ski Way, a ski area owned and operated by Dartmouth University. The details of the settlement are subject to a confidential agreement as we do not know how much was paid by Dartmouth settles suit. 

This is sad all the way around. It is sad that a young student died. It is sad the parents felt wronged or so emotional they thought they had to sue. It is sad that the college had to pay money to settle the suit. It is sad that the college did not have a close enough relationship with the parents that the suit did not have to happen.
See College resolves Porter lawsuit

For earlier blogs about this lawsuit see Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit against Dartmouth College over a fatality of a student at the college’s ski hill and Judge Denies Dartmouth Request In Ski Death Case
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