USA Cycling announces 100K Challenge athlete incentive program

USA Cycling announces 100K Challenge athlete incentive program

USA Cycling is proud to announce the 100K Challenge Athlete Incentive Program. This program has been created to reward medal-winning performances by American cyclists in London.The 100K Challenge will award stipends for 2012 London Olympic Gamesmedal-winning performances totaling up to $100,000 for any single gold medal, $75,000 for silver and $50,000 for bronze. This pay-out is among the largest financial reward systems offered by any other cycling nation in 2012.

“This program was designed to present our soon-to-be Olympic heroes with the opportunity to continue the pursuit of cycling beyond the Olympic Games, across all disciplines,” said USA Cycling Vice President of Athletics Jim Miller.

“We are very pleased and excited to be able to make this program available to our remarkable athletes competing in London,” said Steve Johnson, president and CEO of USA Cycling. “In addition to funding derived from support by the USA Cycling Development Foundation, the program will incorporate and utilize a collection of new and existing U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Cycling stipends.”

Details of the program may be found on USA Cycling’s Olympic Games page.

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