USA ProChallenge stage 2: Exciting and Exhausting

Two things stood out in the USA ProChallenge stage 2. Exhausted riders. So tired that just feet after the finish line they were holding on to the fences. Too tired to get off their bikes.

The second thing was Tejay Van Garderen (USA) of BMC Racing who had his first professional win.


Of Course there are always locals…….


After every race the bikes are examined top to bottom front to back. Everything is cleaned, checked, lubed and put back together.

Can you say Truck Insurance?


































I’m always curious what people think when something like this comes to town. Do the people who are working to make it happen think it is worth the effort.

At the 2011 ProChallenge I asked the Colorado State Highway Patrol motorcycle riders if they were having a good time. To a person they got big grins on their faces and said yes.

Today as I was driving up to Mt. Crested Butte I rolled down my window and asked a Gunnison law enforcement officer if it was worth the effort. I got the immediately politically correct yes. Then a second later there was a big smile and the officer looked at me and said yes nodding his head.

Many in a city like Montrose or Gunnison will look at the cost, the disruption and try to determine if there was “value” in bringing the 2012 ProChallenge to their town.  I think in both cases, if you come close to breaking even, even in these tough times, putting a grin on a cops face, watching people cheering madly for every rider as they toil up the hills, seeing people just having a blast makes it very worthwhile!

Good job Mt. Crested Butte, Montrose, Gunnison and every community that helped bring this to Colorado today. I look forward to tomorrow.


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