European Parliament Ignore 100 Million Cyclists

Don’t Let the EU Parliament Ignore 100 Million Cyclists

There are 35 million daily cyclists in Europe. There are more than 100 million Europeans that cycle regularly. Yet the European Institutions are failing to take cycling seriously as a mode of Transport.

Strategic EU documents keep failing to mention cycling and it is at risk of being sidelined by more powerful lobby interests.

It’s time for this to change.

Important budgets are being decided between now and 2014, and we want to stop this negative trend. It’s time for us to remind the European Parliament, a democratically elected body, that cyclists’ have a voice and a place in European policy.

By putting pressure on them, we make sure that cycling deserves recognition as an important mode of transport.

The First Big Battle: Including Cycling in the Strategic European Transport Networks.

We have identified an opportunity for ECF, its members, our allies and cyclists across Europe to remind the Parliament to take cycling seriously. On December 18, the European Transport Committee will vote on crucial legislation.

This particular case is the funding rules for major infrastructure projects in the strategic European networks (called Ten-T). Although this appears to be major road, rail and transport corridors, the exclusion of cycling would mean that cycling provision such as road crossings, major junctions and our own strategic EuroVelo network would be excluded.

Last year, the Parliament’s official opinion was to include Eurovelo in this network. Being included in this network would open up the path for billions of euros of investments in cycling infrastructure across Europe.

Since then the European Commission and the Transport Committee in the European Parliament have been preparing these guidelines, but have excluded cycling and EuroVelo, despite this earlier recommendation.

Once again, they have excluded cycling from transport policy and billions in potential funding.

With your help, we can change this. It’s not too late. Italy’s national cycling association, FIAB, have already managed to convince many of their Italian MEPs.

Action to Take:

Send These MEPs An Email before Tuesday, December 18.

We have prepared a draft statement, available here.

Please translate this where possible or write your own statement. We have identified the most influential MEPs in drafting this legislation. Please contact these MEPs first.

· georgios.koumoutsakos
· ismail.ertug
· gesine.meissner
· Michael Kramer (Germany) (Already Convinced)
· mathieu.grosch
· said.elkhadraoui
· roberts.zile
· jaromir.kohlicek
· magdicristiano.allam (FIAB has prepared an online translation here)
· brian.simpson (CTC has prepared an online petition here)

If an MEP from your country cannot be found above, please contact your country’s MEP from the Parliament’s Transport Committee. They can be found here:

Any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact ECF’s Regional Policy Officer, Ed Lancaster. ([at]

You can read more news about the vote here

Photo Credit: FIAB

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