Better World Club is behind the new California 3’ Passing Rule……Again


Three Foot Rule Is Back!

California Cyclists Ready for Another Race with Governor Jerry Brown

Stop KXLYes, cyclists or not, Californians can rise up once more and pedal their hearts out to catch up to the other 22 states that have already enacted 3-foot passing measures for passing cyclists on the road. Hollywood is full of stories the little (liberal) guy coming from behind to win the race, right?

Steven Bradford of Gardena, California introduced yet another attempt at a safe passing law by amending Assembly Bill 1371. California Bicycle Coalition is also submitting an amendment to Senate Bill 1464, SB 910.

While the language about three feet minimum distance while passing cyclists remains the same, more precise language on how motorists should and should not pass when they’re driving past a bicycle has been added as well as changes to rules governing dense urban areas to accommodate the objections of Governor Jerry Brown. As you recall, AAA lobbied heavily against instating three foot laws in California.

Cyclists in California now call any hit-from-behind collision against a cyclist a “Jerry Brown,” in honor of Governor Jerry Brown’s vetoes of the two past attempts at a three foot passing law in California. Only Brown and Texas Governor Rick Perry have vetoed safe passing laws submitted to them.

22 states now have a safe passing law on the books, and Ohio is working towards being the 23rd! Come on California, Come on Ohio! We want to see you race! Safely, of course.

We know some of you are competitive and may want to pull Jerry Brown, but please don’t pull “A Jerry Brown.”

Find out more and lend your support to the CA 3-foot rule!

Find out more and lend your support to the OH 3-foot rule!
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