Hero Kit Portable Bike Repair

Hero Enterprises
Hero Kit Basic Products

Hero Kit Bike Repair Kits

More than a bag of tools, Hero Kit is the only all-in-one bike repair product of its kind. High quality tools and materials. Step-by-step instruction manual on waterproof paper with detailed, color photos. Lightweight and conveniently packaged.

Empowering option for weekend warriors, women cyclists, and novice/intermediate riders. Great solution for rental shops. Easy upsell product. Develops outstanding customer loyalty.

Visit our website at www.HeroKit.com to see the new 2013 line of bike productsincluding the Super Hero and Super Hero Extreme kits.

Click here for our price list and current specials.

We look forward to hearing from you with orders or questions. Not sure? Let us send you a free sample. We are confident you’ll like Hero Kits.

Happy Trails,

Jason B., founder and president



Mountain Bike Repair Kit ContentsMountain Bike Kit

This kit, a retail value of over $75, contains step-by-step instructions, tools, and materials to help you with the most common (and many uncommon) issues you might encounter on your mountain bike. This first-aid kit for mountain bikes is intended to empower all levels of mountain bikers to fix mechanical problems that can arise on any ride, and to get back to the trailhead or home safely.


-24 Page, Waterproof Field Repair Instruction Manual with Color Photos and Step by Step Instructions

-12 Function Multi Tool w/Chain tool

-Planet Bike Tire Levers w/ tire patch kit

-9 Speed Replacement Chain Link

-10 Speed Replacement Chain Link

-Tyvek Tire Boot (patch for torn tire)

-Frame Bolt

-Cleat Bolt

-Multi Use “Tush” wipe

-Duct Tape

-Gear Cable

-2 Zip Ties

-ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card


Road Bike Repair Kit

Road Bike Kit

Based off of our popular Hero Kit for Mountain Biking, redesigned for the needs of the road cyclist. The easy to follow, step by step instruction manual was completely rewritten to address the unique needs of the road and commuter bike. We added a rain poncho, put in a different cleat bolt, and a Yelo Velo tire boot designed to withstand the higher PSI that road tires require and swapped out the gear cable to save on weight and space. All of the same problem solving power of the Mountain Bike Kit but tweaked for those who put the two wheels on pavement!

Carry Confidence!


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