New Outdoor Books from Keen Communications

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New books from Wilderness Press, Menasha Ridge Press, and Clerisy Press

Kara Pelicano

To order books or for more information about any of our titles, please contact your PGWRepresentative, Mike Jones (mike or (503) 344-4683), or Kara Pelicano (kara or (859) 815-7205).

***A complete PDF of our 2013 catalog can be viewed HERE***

315.jpgBeginning July 2013, The Unofficial Guides will be the fourth imprint of Keen Communications in an acquisition from Google.

Read the full press release HERE.

June 2013 releases

Hiking & Backpacking Big Sur: Your complete guide to the trails of Big Sur, Ventana H&B Big SurWilderness, and Silver Peak Wilderness, 2nd Edition

by Analise Elliot Heid

ISBN: 9780899977270

Retail: $19.95

On 74 diverse trips, Hiking & Backpacking Big Sur takes readers throughout this dramatic land and seascape. Trails include popular destinations such as Sykes Hot Springs and Andrew Molera and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Parks, as well as gems such as the impressive Salmon Creek Falls and the remote Ventana Double Cone. Day hikes and longer backpacking routes are included with precise details on trails, facilities, directions, difficulty, elevation, water sources, and more. Also included are easy-to-read topographic maps and a helpful guide to services along Highway 1.

May 2013 releases

Trails of the Angeles: 100 Hikes in the San Gabriels, 9th Edition 308.jpg

by John W. Robinson, with Doug Christiansen

ISBN: 9780899977140

Retail: $18.95

This ninth edition of the essential guide to the San Gabriels has been revised and updated to reflect recent trail changes. It now includes a four-color, fold-out topographic map, detailed trip descriptions noting the distance, difficulty, and ideal season, and also points out the highlights of the trail. All new wilderness areas and any trail changes resulting from natural disasters have been included.

310.jpg60 Hikes within 60 Miles: New York City, 3rd Edition

by Christopher & Catherine Brooks

ISBN: 9780897327145

Retail: $18.95

This newly revised and updated third edition includes Northern New Jersey, Southwestern Connecticut, and Western Long Island–all hikes within a 60-mile radius of New York City. In addition to the practical Key-At-a-Glance information, included are many new, inspiring hikes, detailed directions to trailheads, new, crisp GPS-based maps and elevation profiles, and great new nature photography. With hikes ranging in distance and difficulty level, finding a hike to suit each readers’ needs is an easy endeavor.

Who's that with charlieWho’s That with Charlie? Lessons Learned and Friends I’ve Made Along the Way

by Charles S. Mechem, Jr., introduction by Neil Armstrong

ISBN: 9781578605323

Retail: $23.95

Across six decades of leading companies and motivating individuals, Charlie Mechem has always led with his heart and found diamonds in the rough. From very humble beginnings in Nelsonville, OH, his earnest efforts endeared him to thousands. Readers will get a chance to relive memorable moments in LPGA history, as well as revisit local lore on a grand scale. Although he’d never say it, Charlie is the tops and this book reveals why and how he won the hearts and minds of so many.

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