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photo: jeremy bernard

PULSE Barryvox update: Mammut presents “the intelligent search”

After an avalanche, every second counts, as after just 15 minutes the chances of survival for anyone buried under the snow drop dramatically.

Our developers have been working intensively to optimize our Barryvox. The result is a simplified and even more effective search for buried subjects following an avalanche. The improved graphics-guided and audio-supported fine search revolutionizes fine searching in a cross (bracketing) in the last few meters.

From the middle of October 2013, the update to firmware 4.0 will be available from your authorized Mammut Barryvox Service Center!

Photo: Jeremy Bernard


Details of the PULSE Barryvox update

PULSE Barryvox

PULSE Barryvox: Digital/analog combo device with three antennas

Overview of key features:1. Easy to use thanks to a clear operating concept

2. Precise location thanks to a 360° display and 3 antennas

3. Time saving thanks to an overview in the event of several buried subjects

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PULSE Barryvox

Don’t forget the Barryvox winter check!

Switch the device on and note the display for the self-test and battery test. We also recommend inspecting the device for any signs of mechanical damage to the housing, contamination or damage to the battery contacts, as well as making sure that the main switch is working correctly. If any inconsistencies are identified during these checks, you must send the device to a Mammut Barryvox Service Center.

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