American Avalanche Association AVPRO course February 25 – March 4 Summit County Colorado

The American Avalanche Association is pleased to announce this year’s AVPRO course location and dates. This season AVPRO will be returning to Summit County, Colorado, February 25 – March 4, 2015. Summit County holds a rich history within the avalanche industry. Students will learn from several of the top avalanche professionals in the region in one of the most interesting snow climates in the nation. Details can be found at

Who should attend AVPRO? AVPRO is intended for all disciplines of avalanche professionals with a solid background in avalanche fundamentals, companion rescue, and basic snow assessment. The course will continue to build on this foundation of snow science with an emphasis on high level of companion and organized avalanche rescue, accurate and advanced snow stability assessment, and avalanche control programs and procedures. Other common questions and answers can be found at or by contacting the AVPRO coordinator, Dallas Glass.

Join us this season for what will be an exciting time of learning and networking as avalanche professionals.

Dallas Glass

AVPRO Coordinator – Education Committee

American Avalanche Association


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