Some People can Never wait for Winter and G3 Knows Them

G3 - Genuine Guide Gear

For Some, Winter Is Already Here.

November 2014


get some turns. share. tag. win.

#FirstTurnsFetish Final Week

Is your local mountain getting snow? Twitching for those first turns yet? Take matters into your own hands. Get hiking, show us your season opening turns, get creative, and enter to WIN $1000+ of backcountry skiing or splitboarding gear.

#FirstTurnsFetish G3 on Instagram

Sawtooth Couloirs

“156 Kick Steps Later…”

“May 1st, wearing shorts, we sat at the Kelowna airport armed with our large ski bags and even larger 80 liters bags – we were ready for the adventure.” That was Mel’s season ender. Just wait until you see how she’s starting her season this month. 40,000 m (131,000 ft) of vert so far. Go Mel!

Mel’s Story & Video Mel’s Skins

R&D in Chile

Always winter somewhere

On the eve of the Northern Hemisphere’s winter season, we’re throwing it back to the Southern Hemi’s winter. New G3 ski designer Sigi Rumpfhuber was jonesing for some turns, and had the perfect skis to test.

R&D in Chile Sigi Joins G3

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