Colorado Avalanche Information Center Kow Before You Go campaign kicks off

The 2014/2015 season has been very interesting so far. We have had some great powder days as well as weeks of high pressure and no new snow. However, our snowpack is hovering around average and there is plenty of skiing, riding, and snowmobiling to come!

Today we are launching our 6-week Know Before You Go campaign! Donate now. This is our annual fundraising drive that allows us to be creative and expand the Colorado Avalanche Information Center’s operations. The money raised during this campaign will go toward the following goals.

1. Create and launch Know Before You Go Colorado. This education initiative will be modeled after the Utah Avalanche Center’s model but will be focused on Colorado’s snowpack and avalanche problems.

2. Improve the CAIC’s backcountry forecast program. More forecasting staff means more people that are part of a statewide avalanche safety effort. More forecasters will mean more local field data, which in turn will create more accurate, and timely avalanche forecasts for you, the backcountry user.

3. The expanded resources also mean expansion of our IT infrastructure. Last season we asked you to invest in the development of a mobile app. You responded and we launched V1 in January. We are excited to continually develop the capabilities our website as well as of the app and we need your help to do that.

You want your forecast center, the CAIC, to be the best. Donate today and help us grow and give you the best center in the United States. Once again, I feel so strongly about bringing Know Before You Go to Colorado that I will kick off the campaign with my own $200 donation.

Starting today and for the next 6 weeks the Friends of CAIC will be offering prizes, challenges, and incentives, to anyone who donates $25 or more. Click here for more information or to DONATE NOW!

We will be accepting donations in the following ways:

Donate on Crowdrise:

(Remember you don’t have to pay the “Optional Processing Fee”. Click on the text and select 0%.)

Mail us a check: PO BOX 140817 Denver, CO 80214

Donate ONLINE on our website:

Hand us cash!

We are looking forward to your support over the next 6 weeks!


Aaron Carlson
Executive Director
Friends of CAIC

Ethan Greene
Colorado Avalanche Information Center

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