Carlton Reid, author of Roads Were Not Built for Cars doing Book Tour in the US



Roads book live tour

Posted by Carlton Reid
If you enjoyed the print and digital versions of Roads Were Not Built For Cars perhaps you’ll be interested in the live tour? Yup, I’m going out on the, er, road, and will be appearing in a wide variety of venues over the next few months. I’ll be in the UK, Canada, France and both US coasts, including giving a talk to the Congressional Bike Caucus in Washington, D.C.The tour details can be found on and on Facebook (where you can even “track” me – yoiks). If you fancy coming to any of the talks make sure to hit the “like” buttons or click on the RSVP boxes.Later in the year there will be more UK dates announced, and one in Germany, too. I’m also back in the US in June so may give talks in Salt Lake City, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Track me to plug in to these updates.




The second free chapter of the book goes online tomorrow. The first went out last week. The URL will always be the same:



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