Email the Jefferson County, CO Commissioners and Encourage them to put in Bike Lanes

Bicycle Colorado is a member-supported nonprofit organization that encourages and promotes bicycling,
increases safety, improves conditions and provides a voice for people who ride bikes in Colorado.vertical-response-header_action-alert

Speak up for bike lanes in Jeffco

Please take action today. On November 24, the Jefferson County Commissioners will vote on proposed changes to county transportation regulations that, if passed, would add bike lanes on several county streets.

The commissioners’ vote could go either way. Every email in support will count!

What we’re asking you to do

Please email the county commissioners.Include your name and tell them what part of the county you live in. Express your support for the proposed changes and why you think they would be good for the county. Things to emphasize:

  • Safety Bicycle lanes on roadways provide cyclists and motorists with a simple visual indicator of where each vehicle should be on the roadway.
  • Economic vitality Attracting local and visiting cyclists to our county is good for the bottom line. They ride here and they spend money here.
  • Consistency with county policy The proposed changes are consistent with several policies in the county’s adopted Comprehensive Plan and Bicycle Master Plan. Failure to adopt the changes would directly conflict with adopted policy.
  • Public health A rising percentage of Jefferson County adults are obese, placing a growing financial burden on the county and Colorado. To reduce this burden, Jeffco should join the growing number of communities providing residents and visitors with safe public spaces to ride for both recreation and commuting.

Thank you for helping to create a bicycle-friendly Jefferson County by contacting your commissioners!

**Pardon any duplication. Several regional partners are focused on this issue.**

Yale Ave bike lanes

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