Avalanche Hazard Management Consultant – Hiring ASAP


If you and anyone you know is qualified and interested in being an Avalanche Hazard Management Consultant for a construction project in the North Cascades this winter, check out the job opportunity below. The company is looking to hire and have someone(s) on site by next week. Feel free to pass this along as you see fit… and please contact Brad Gibson (Bradley.Gibson, phone number below) for more details.

Avalanche Hazard Management Consultant (Experienced – Certified Technicians) (Required start: 12/29/15)

• Heavy Industrial Construction Project seeks the services of the above subject matter expert(s) to provide full-time, on-site services in the US Pacific NW. The site is located in a remote area of the Cascade Mountains and will require 2-3 personnel working on a rotational basis. Direct-hire and contract employees are welcome. All transportation, accommodations and meals provided.

Roles/Responsibilities including:

• Monitor snowpack and weather conditions in areas that avalanche risk affects the assets on site.

• Monitor avalanche hazard in identified avalanche paths of concern and predict hazard level with daily avalanche forecasts and advisories.

• Coordinate and advise the Avalanche Management team’s activities, implement the existing Avalanche Management Program through daily meetings, engaging the various site stakeholders.

• Advise on continuous improvement of existing Avalanche Management Program, specific avalanche risk reduction procedures.

• Provide Avalanche Rescue Response protocol; advise Incident Commander on specific activities required during a response.

• Notify Client when the risk of avalanches to the project have ceased for the winter and said services can be terminated for the season.

Additional Services (to be determined) – Active Avalanche Management:

• Coordinate or obtain the necessary equipment and supplies for an active risk management strategy as is deemed necessary.

Post-Winter Operations:

• Collate snowpack, weather, and terrain data for Client to utilize for next season; process and summarize all data collected. Complete a year-end summary report, including recommendations for further improvement and “lessons learned”.

• Collaborate with key leadership personnel to develop a long-term avalanche risk management strategy that meets Industry best practices.


• Due to existing weather conditions – these positions are available for immediate fulfillment with a target date for mobilization to the site of12/29/15.Estimated duration of assignment is through April 2016.

Please contact:

Brad Gibson, CMSP

Senior HSE Advisor, Rio Tinto Projects

(801) 557-8236


P.O. Box 248 * Victor, Idaho 83455 * Phone: (307) 699- 2049

aaa * www.americanavalancheassociation.org


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