Woody Pack Provides devices that assist “differently-abled” people. You might know someone who could use their assistance

The Foundation’s Woody Pack Project makes assistive devices available to people with limited hand functioning due to paralysis


Woody Beckham suffered a C5/C6 spinal cord injury in 2011 while playing college rugby. Woody’s team was ‘winning big.’  He went in for a tackle, got a knee to the neck, and went down.  Woody knew right there, on the field, that he was paralyzed.  Life changed for him in a split second.  That can happen to climbers too


Rehab continues for Woody — BUT he’s already giving back.

The Woody Pack contains over 20 devices to help ‘differently-abled people’ keep going and to live a more independent life.


Feel free to pass on the info below to anyone you think might be appropriate


The Woody Foundation’s Woody Pack


There are more videos, but here are a few moving ones:









One Comment on “Woody Pack Provides devices that assist “differently-abled” people. You might know someone who could use their assistance”

  1. Craig Jungers says:

    You need something other than videos to describe your Woody Pack. One of the ways a lot of us are “differently abled” is that we have lost our hearing and videos, especially from our laptops and tablets, are not as effective for us as reading the material.

    Thank you.


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