Woody Pack Provides devices that assist “differently-abled” people. You might know someone who could use their assistance

The Foundation’s Woody Pack Project makes assistive devices available to people with limited hand functioning due to paralysis


Woody Beckham suffered a C5/C6 spinal cord injury in 2011 while playing college rugby. Woody’s team was ‘winning big.’  He went in for a tackle, got a knee to the neck, and went down.  Woody knew right there, on the field, that he was paralyzed.  Life changed for him in a split second.  That can happen to climbers too


Rehab continues for Woody — BUT he’s already giving back.

The Woody Pack contains over 20 devices to help ‘differently-abled people’ keep going and to live a more independent life.


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The Woody Foundation’s Woody Pack


There are more videos, but here are a few moving ones: