Job Opening! Regional Director: Southern Front Range



Regional Director: Southern Front Range


Summary:  The Southern Front Range Site Director is a senior management position that contributes to the leadership of the agency and provides oversight of programs in Colorado Springs and the 7-county Southern Front Range region.  The Southern Front Range Site has doubled in size in the last several years and stands poised for even more growth in an area recently impacted by wildfire and floods.  The site has impressive program outcomes and high levels of satisfaction from community partners and youth participants.  This is a multifaceted position calling for person with a wide range of experience, comfortable in a leadership role with a great deal of autonomy. This position is based in the Colorado Springs office and reports to the Chief Executive Officer located in Denver.


Essential Functions:

Supervision and Staff Development

·         Support and lead all staff towards agency mission and goals; consistently contributing to the team effort.

·         Oversee the recruitment and manage the hiring of all Colorado Springs staff and Corpsmembers.

·         Supervise, monitor and evaluate the work performance of all Colorado Springs staff.

·         Implement a standardized orientation and training for Crew Leaders and Corpsmembers.

·         Provide direct support to Crew Leaders in addressing Corpsmember job performance issues.

·         Collaborate with education staff to implement the Six Core Education Areas for Corpsmembers.


Program Management

·         Manage/monitor program evaluation striving for continuous quality improvement.

·         Ensure that programs are compliant with grant policies and regulations and are on target to meet the stated objectives.

·         Coordinate reporting for program-related funding. Ensure the consistent, accurate and timely tracking of grant and agency related outcomes.

·         Assist other staff by providing programmatic information needed for marketing materials and fundraising proposals.

·         Ensure worksite safety and current risk management procedures.

·         Assist in planning and organizing recognition events and awards ceremonies.

·         Promote a solution-focused youth development environment in which Corpsmembers and staff have the opportunity to develop new skills and experience personal growth.


Project Development & Coordination

·         Work with Project Coordinators to develop fee-for-service (FFS) contracts that provide positive work experiences for Corpsmembers and generate unrestricted income for the agency. 

·         Assist Project Coordinators to prepare the work schedule and launch the peak season programs.

·         Assist Project Coordinators to manage sponsor relations and communication.


Agency Leadership

·         Serve as a liaison with community agencies, educational institutions and employers when appropriate.

·         Implement fundraising events related to the SFR region with participation from the SFR Advisory Board.

·         Prepare and submit funding proposals for the SFR region with assistance from the grant writing staff.

·         Build relationships across departments and locations and collaborate effectively internally to promote efficiencies and esprit de corps.




·         Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university required.  Significant nonprofit experience, professional experience in a youth conservation corps or youth development organization, and familiarity with conservation programs and practices encouraged.   Knowledge of Southern Front Range region preferred.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

·         Superior presentation ability and interpersonal skills, including excellent written and oral communication skills.

·         Ability to read, analyze, and interpret financial reports and documents as well as prepare budgets.

·         Ability to manage complex federal grant hiring and reporting requirements.

·         Proficient with word processing software and presentation software; familiar with Excel, and database software; comfortable with the use of social media.

·         Skills in human resources, personnel and job development functions.

·         Conflict resolution and team building skills.

·         Ability to pass pre-employment background screening and drug testing. 

·         Must have valid driver’s license with a good (insurable) driving record and the ability to drive a 12-passenger van.

·         Ability to drive to Denver office and throughout 7-county southern Front Range region as needed.


Hours & Compensation

This is a full-time regular, exempt position with benefits. Salary range is $45,000 – $57,000.  Some evenings and weekend hours may be required for Corps related functions. Some travel to Denver and throughout the 7-county region will be required.


How to Apply

Please send resume and cover letter to:

Email:  (include “Regional Director” in the subject line)

Mail:  Mile High Youth Corps Attn: Human Resources, 417 Vermijo, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Deadline for application: March 3rd, 2014, 5 p.m.




MHYC is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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Sawyer Day Crew Leader Position Description 2013 Summer Season



 Sawyer Day Crew Leader Position Description 2013 Summer Season


Mile High Youth Corps is a regional, non-profit, AmeriCorps ( affiliated organization that engages youth in jobs that help the planet and provide pathways to a promising future. Corpsmembers work on conservation and environmental stewardship projects throughout the Denver metro area while engaging in meaningful education activities.

Position Description:

The Mile High Youth Corps Crew Leader positions require individuals who are skilled problem-solvers, experienced leaders and positive role models. A crew is comprised of ten Corpsmembers (18-24 years old) all working together to complete conservation work projects on public lands and in communities. Crew Leaders manage a demanding work schedule and are responsible for creating a valuable experience for the Corpsmembers. Crew Leaders are responsible for ensuring the facilitation of environmental education, healthy lifestyle, job readiness training, leadership development, civic engagement, independent living and positive group living skills to their crew. Crew Leaders must possess a strong work ethic, promote high quality work performance in their crew, and have a desire to devote themselves to field-based work and youth development for an entire summer. The position requires both supervisory and technical aptitude, in addition to a high level of comfort in the outdoors.

Crew Leader Duties and Responsibilities: Supervision and Management


               Provides daily supervision of the members of his/her crew, including assigning, leading and instructing work tasks and training Corpsmembers in the development of job skills.

               Monitors, manages, and promote crew’s physical and emotional safety on and off the work site.

               Teaches Corpsmembers a variety of work skills in conjunction with technical assistance providers.

               Maintains and promotes positive group morale.

               Enforces the code of conduct, discipline policies and program procedures outlined in the employee handbooks at all times.

               Provides consistent, ongoing informal feedback, as well as performs a minimum of one formal evaluation per Corpsmember each season.

               Acts as a positive role model to all Corpsmembers and promotes a positive corps culture.

               Responsible for on-site risk management of the crew and work site.


Work Project Implementation

               Assists MHYC staff with the set-up of work projects including the estimation of time and materials needed for work projects.

               Proactively assesses, identifies, and mitigates safety related hazards on the job site.

               Trains Corpsmembers in and maintains a safe work environment.

               Oversees and implements a variety of conservation, service learning and community service projects for his/her team.

               Distributes work among Corpsmembers and maintains even work flow.

               Serves as a liaison and on-site contact with project sponsors.

               Ensures timely, accurate, and quality completion of work projects.

               Completes all project completion reports and project evaluations in a timely manner.


Corpsmember Development and Education

               Promotes individual learning, leadership and personal growth among Corpsmembers.

               Collaborates with the AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation Corpsmembers in developing and implementing educational components for projects.

               Plans and facilitates field trips, community meetings, and team-building activities at work site.

               May be required to participate in Colorado Cares Day, July 29th, 2013.

               Ensures consistent leadership development and service learning opportunities are integrated into trainings.

               Implements and monitors Corpsmembers participation and progress in life skills and job readiness training programs at work site.

               Provides consistent feedback and support to AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation Corpsmembers on their leadership roles.


Administrative Duties

               Supports Corpmembers post-program placement.

               Monitors, documents, and evaluates the participant progress in the program using individual written evaluations, case notes, and 1:1 meetings.

               Maintains thorough and complete records on each of his/her Corpsmembers throughout the length of the program, including timesheets, rosters and daily accountability forms.

               Maintains complete and accurate files, including project data and records, and employment paperwork for each of his/her Corpsmembers.

               Assists other staff with the reporting required for funders and board members.

               Ensures project photographs and required data are collected for seasonal projects.

               Ensures timely completion of Corpsmember awards, incentives and recognitions.

               Other duties as assigned.

               High School diploma or GED required. At least two years of college or vocational training is preferred. Significant professional experience may be substituted for post-secondary education.

               At least one year experience of working with a diverse population of youth and staff in a team atmosphere.

               Advanced experience and skills in conservation, construction, or landscaping preferred.

               Must attend Wilderness First Aid training class. Crew Leader is responsible of one-half of the cost of this training through payroll deductions. Full or partial scholarships may be available to help defer the Crew Leader cost for this training.

               Communication Skills: ability to motivate and discipline others, organize and direct a crew of young people on work projects, communicate effectively with a diverse group of young people, co-workers and supervisors and explain and demonstrate safe work practices.

               Keep accurate records; perform case management, evaluations, and prepare reports.

               Previous Conservation or Youth Corps experience preferred.

               Chainsaw experience highly preferred

               Must be able to lift 75 lbs., spend 8-10 hours a day in the sun and hike 5 miles with a day-pack.

               Ability to use hand and power tools.

               Wilderness First Responder or higher preferred.

               Valid driver’s license with insurable driving record and ability to drive a 12-passenger van to and from work sites.

               Ability to complete tasks in a detailed and timely manner.

               Ability to work independently.

               Pre-employment background check will be required. May be subject to FBI Background Check, which includes fingerprinting.

               Pre-employment drug screen required. May implement drug testing throughout employment.

               Must be able to legally work in the United States, which will be verified via the federal E-Verify program.


General Qualifications:

To Apply:

Email: Send resume and cover letter to (include position title in subject line) Fax: 303-433-5997 Mail: Send resume and cover letter to: Attn. Christy Gallese, 1801 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80204

Mile High Youth Corps Land Conservation Programs are Tobacco Free

Mile High Youth Corps is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Mile High Youth Corps is committed to the inclusion of members with all levels of ability. Reasonable accommodations are available upon request. This program is available to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, political affiliation, or, in most instances, religion

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