Update on the Grand Canyon Escalade or Gondola to the Little Colorado River

We urge you to get informed about the plans for proposed development at the Little Colorado River (called Grand Canyon

Escalade) — check out the website posted by Confluence Partners LLC, the developer for the project: http://grandcanyonescalade.com

So far, there has been a great deal of opposition to the project from community members living within the Gap/Bodaway Chapter of the Navajo Nation. The Gap/Bodaway chapter has made two resolutions opposing the development and is poised for another meeting next week.

GCRG and other organizations are tracking this issue and coordinating our efforts.

The Little Colorado River is one of the spectacular “Awe” moments in a Grand Canyon River Trip. To watch someone who has been dealing with green or brown cold water for three days gaze in amazement at the turquoise blue warm waters of the “Little C” is worth the hard work. That view will be permanently co-opted by this project.