Arizona Voters Overwhelmingly Support Grand Canyon National Monument, New Poll Finds

Arizona Voters Overwhelmingly Support Grand Canyon National Monument, New Poll Finds



Flying in the face of those who claim it would be unpopular to give the greater Grand Canyon watershed national monument status, a new nonpartisan poll finds that not only is there tremendous support for it but that it cuts across geographical and political lines.

“The results were overwhelming, and they demonstrated both strong and broad support [in] Arizona,” says Dave Metz of the research firm Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates, which polled hundreds of Arizona voters in January.

The pollsters discovered that 80 percent of Arizona voters support or strongly support the Grand Canyon National Heritage Monument, as outlined in a bill U.S. Congressman Raul Grijalva submitted to the U.S. House of Representatives last year.

Grijalva brought together a broad coalition of native tribes, environmental groups, and local stakeholders to design the bill, which if passed, would permanently protect 1.7 million acres of land and prevent any new uranium mines.

Courtesy of FM3

“More than half of Arizonans say more needs to be done to protect air, land, and water around the Grand Canyon, and they clearly see establishing that monument as an effective way of reaching that goal,” Metz says, adding that “the sentiment that the area around the Grand Canyon needs protection has grown over time.”

A similar poll conducted in 2009 found only 43 percent of people supported it, and a poll last year found that 73 percent of Arizonans support it.

Courtesy of Grand Canyon Trust

Local native tribes and environmental groups have talked about wanting national monument status for the Grand Canyon for years, and Grijalva’s efforts to make it a reality have solicited nothing short of a political firestorm among enemies of the bill.

Leading the charge is U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, who has railed against the monument proposal for months. Gosar claims it would cost hundreds of jobs, destroy the local economy, and hinder sportsmen or other recreational users of the area.

U.S. Congressman Raul Grijalva

Courtesy of Raul Grijalva

In an interview earlier this year, Grijalva told New Times that Gosar’s “opposition is based on myths” and that he “needs to own up to the fact that he’s on the fringe of every public-land argument we have in this country.”

The benefit of this, Grijalva explained, helps “put the opposition of some in context with many . . . It’s important to deal with what the public wants and thinks, as opposed to letting this discussion be mired in half-truths, false information, and the sheer cry from opposition that doesn’t represent the vast majority of the people in Arizona.”

Both Metz and Grijalva say they were impressed by the broad appeal of the monument, as men and women across the state expressed support for the idea of national monuments in general and the Grand Canyon monument in particular.

According to the poll results, there is support for the Grand Canyon monument among:

  • 76 percent of men and 84 percent of women,
  • 65 percent of registered Republicans, 84 percent of independents, and 95 percent of Democrats,
  • 78 percent of people living in Congressional District 1, which is where the proposed monument would be,
  • 79 percent of white voters, 86 percent of Latino voters, and 87 percent of all voters of color, including Native Americans,
  • 81 percent of people living in urban areas, 83 percent in suburban areas, 79 percent in small towns, and 73 percent in rural areas,
  • And 76 percent of hunters and anglers.

Joe Jiang/Flickr

Unlike past polls, this most recent one also asked voters how their opinion of elected officials could be influenced by a vote for or against the monument:

“Voters were three times as likely to say they would support a politician who backed the establishment of the monument,” Metz says. “So not only do voters indicate that it’s a good idea, but they say that they’ll be more supportive of members of Congress who act to make the monument reality.”

Last year, Grijalva, along with Arizona U.S. Representatives Ann Kirkpatrick and Ruben Gallego, authored a public letter detailing their support for the monument. In the months since, however, Kirkpatrick has distanced herself from that stance, explaining that she’s still considering the statements of many local stakeholders.

But with public opinion clearly on his side, Grijalva says he’s ready to continue the fight: “As we go forward, we have strong support from the people in Arizona, the first nations most affected by this monument designation, [as well as] hunters and anglers and people that use our public land.

“I think we can start to put aside the shrill debate that occurs on this issue” and start taking “the steps to build  public support.”

A call for presentation proposals for the 2016 Grand Canyon History Symposium

A call for presentation proposals for the 2016 Grand Canyon History Symposium

An Official Centennial Event, as sanctioned by the National Park Service Centennial 2016 Committee!

The Grand Canyon Historical Society is pleased to announce the 4th Grand Canyon History Symposium, to be held on November 4-6, 2016. We encourage everyone who has done research on (or been a part of) Grand Canyon regional history to consider presenting. Proposals must be received by Tuesday, March 1, 2016.


Since January 2002, there have been three history symposia, bringing together historians, witnesses to history, park employees, and others with a passion for Grand Canyon history. The presentations from each symposium were assembled into a collection of essays. It is the Grand Canyon Historical Society’s intent to publish the proceedings from this symposium as well.

National Park Service Focus

The 2016 Symposium will be unique in that there will only be 16 presentations with preference in selecting presentations given to those that tie Grand Canyon National Park to the National Park Service. Presentations concerning the history of the greater Grand Canyon and its adjacent areas within the Kaibab Plateau will also be considered.

After the 2016 Symposium, the one hundredth anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park will occur in 2019. It is anticipated that the 2019 Symposium will be a three day event with over 40 presentations. Candidates who are not chosen for the 2016 symposium will be encouraged to re-submit their proposals for the 2019 Symposium.

Submitting a Proposal

To be considered, please submit the following information by Tuesday, March 1, 2016:

__ Name __ Mailing address __ Phone number __ Email address

__ Presentation title with a 150-300 word abstract or summary of your presentation

__ Audio-visual requirements

__ Acknowledgement that, if selected, you agree to submit your complete PowerPoint presentation and up to 3,000 word presentation in essay form by Saturday, October 15, 2016

Send to:

Grand Canyon Historical Society or: Secretary

PO Box 31405

Flagstaff, AZ 86003-1405

National Park Service Seeks Public Input on a Backcountry Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon News Release

National Park Service Seeks Public Input on a Backcountry Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon, Ariz. – The National Park Service (NPS) announced today another opportunity for the public to weigh in on revisions to Grand Canyon National Park’s Backcountry Management Plan (BMP). The NPS began developing a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for this plan in 2011 in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). More than 580 public comments were submitted during the initial phases of the development of this DEIS.

The purpose of the BMP is to establish an up-to-date plan that addresses contemporary backcountry issues and provides an adaptable framework and continues to allow the public to experience and preserve Grand Canyon’s unique backcountry and wilderness. Grand Canyon’s existing BMP was completed in 1988 and requires revisions to comply with current NPS laws and policies and the park’s 1995 General Management Plan. The park’s backcountry encompasses over 1.1 million acres, most of which are proposed for wilderness designation.

Available for review and comment, the BMP DEIS evaluates four alternatives–a no-action alternative and three action alternatives. The comment period for the DEIS will close 90 days after the Notice of Availability (NOA) is published in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Federal Register.

Public participation is an integral part of this planning process and will help ensure the plan’s success. To facilitate public participation, the NPS will host open house meetings as follows:

Tuesday, December 2, 2015

Grand Canyon Village, South Rim

Shrine of the Ages

From 4 to 6 pm

Monday, December 7, 2015

DoubleTree Hotel, 1175 W. Route 66

Flagstaff, AZ

From 4 to 7 pm

The NPS will also hold at least one webinar to reach the broadest range of stakeholders and interested public. Information about the webinar will be announced at a later date.

All interested parties may submit comments in person at one of the open house meetings; on the Planning, Environment, and Public Comment (PEPC) website; or via the US Postal Service.

The PEPC database is the preferred method for submitting comments and can be accessed at Click on the “Backcountry Management Plan” or “Open for Comments” tab on the left-hand side of the toolbar and then select the EIS link.

Comments can also be mailed to: Superintendent, Grand Canyon National Park, Attn: Backcountry Management Plan, PO Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023.

More information about the Backcountry Management Plan and DEIS, public scoping, and public meetings will be posted on the PEPC site as it becomes available.

Has the National Park Service or the Grand Canyon National Park created a new “group” between commercial and private: noncommercial, organized group

 What has been casually used to define car groups has moved into the area of activities?

 The National Park Service, Grand Canyon National Park issued new regulations concerning running or hiking rim to rim or a rim to rim to rim. Rim to rim hike or run starts at either the North or South Rim, the person follows the trail to the floor of the canyon and then ascends back up to the other rim. A rim to rim to rim you start at one rim runs down and back up to the other rim and then turns around and run back. A rim to rim hike or run is 21 miles and has 4000 drop and gain in altitude.

 In Northern Arizona no matter what time of the year, this is a tough hike or run for one day.

 Of course, once something gets public attention everyone has to do it. (See Everest if you don’t believe this.) Now people are undertaking the feat without enough training, skill or knowledge putting stress on the already overburdened NPS staff and resources.

 It is for that reason that groups of people doing this now require a permit. The Permit information page is here if you are interested in taking a group of seven or more on one of these adventures.

 What caught my attention was the term used to describe these groups. “Noncommercial organized groups.” In the recent past the NPS has used this term to reduce or raise fees on groups visiting the park, mostly by car. This term was applied to church groups, school groups, etc. The term seems to be defined as “Groups and organizations that are non-commercial, and do not qualify for an educational fee waiver (churches, school clubs, scout groups, and other organizations)….” However, this is the first time I have seen it applied to anything other than entering the park.

 By this, I mean the NPS charges a different rate to groups as they come through the front gate. Consequently, the group is identified, fills out a permit and pays the fee as a group.

 Here the term has been applied to an activity in the park. Normally, activities are defined as private or commercial. Private are a group of people where no one makes money on the trip or is paid to be there. Commercial is somewhat defined where someone is making money (not necessarily a profit) or is being paid to go on the trip.

 Is this a new type of permit? Where is this going? Are we going to see it in the future (yes)?

 To Read the Grand Canyon NP article see: Grand Canyon Announces Interim Permits for Organized Groups Conducting Rim-to-Rim and Extended Day Hiking and Running

 To read an article on the issue see: R2R Permits Required at Grand Canyon

 What do you think? Leave a comment.

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The Inevitable Lost and Found in Grand Canyon, 2014


Item: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS25 16.1 MP Tough Digital Camera with 8x Intelligent Zoom (Blue). It is water resistant. So there is a change that even if the camera is broken the pictures are still there. 

Where: Fell into Havasu Creek

When:  6/8/2014

Return to: Eva Marie Gomez,


Item: Hearing aids in a grey plastic pouch, lost from an AZRA trip.

Where: At the Ledges camp on the right below Havasu, Mile 158

When: on the night of June 24/25, 2014

Contact: Sharon Hester at AZRA,


Item: Wedding ring

Where: Camp 1911 (Kolb inscription), aka Mile 214

When: June 24, 2014

Contact: Kim Lucy at AZRA/Grand Canyon Discovery,




Item: A blue duffle with various fishing things and shoes in it.

Where: floating in an eddy around Mile 190

When: July 3, 2014

Contact: Laura Fallon,


Item: Wedding ring

Where: Hot Na Na (river mile 16.6L)

When: June 14, 2014

Contact: Robyn Janssen, 

Most trips have 16 to 26 people on them.  Tell everyone you are married and leave your wedding ring at home.

Grand Canyon (Glen Canyon actually but the effect will be downriver) Management Alternatives explained

At long last, this will be your very first peek at the 6 ALTERNATIVES that have been developed for the Glen Canyon GCRG BW LOGO High Res (2)Dam Long Term Experimental and Management Plan (LTEMP) EIS (so keep scrolling down to the official LTEMP EIS email below). The LTEMP will affect the way the dam is managed and the health of downstream resources for the next 20 years. A REALLY REALLY BIG DEAL!!!



A quick run down of the various alternatives from Sam Jansen (our Adaptive Management Work Group rep) is as follows:



  • Alt #1: No Action Alternative
  • Business as usual. Same Modified Low Fluctuating Flows (MLFF) as the last 18 years
  • Would incorporate the High Flow Protocol & Non-Native Fish EA’s
  • Alt #2: Balanced Resource Alternative
  • Created by Colorado River Energy Distributors (CREDA)
  • All about generating hydropower–a real step backwards
  • Includes testing “Hydropower Improvement Flows”–check out the hydrograph in the .pdf (see links from LTEMP email below)
  • Restricts High Flow Experiments (HFE) to every other year
  • Alt #3: Condition-Dependent Adaptive Strategy (CDAS)
  • Seems to be the favorite of the Park and Bureau of Reclamation
  • Focused on chub, sediment, trout and hydropower
  • Adds greater flexibility in High Flow Experiments
  • Alt #4: Resource Targeted Condition-Dependent (RTCD)
  • Created by Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), the 7 Basin States & hired scientists

    Glen Canyon Dam

    Glen Canyon Dam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Focused on chub and hydropower, with nods to sediment and trout
  • Seems to be about doing the minimum for Grand Canyon that the law will allow
  • Reduces number of High Flow Experiments
  • Alt #5: Seasonally Adjusted Steady Flow (SASF)
  • Interesting hydrograph–steady 8,000 Oct through Jan, steady 7,000 July through Sep, with peak flows on May 1st (45K) and at the end of June (25K)
  • Spring and Fall High Flow Experiments
  • Alt #6: Year-Round Steady Flows
  • Not perfectly steady month to month, but centered around about 11,000 cfs
  • High Flow Protocol with some modifications

PLEASE READ THE IMPORTANT OFFICIAL LTEMP ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW and closely examine the .pdfs they provide for


important details and hydrographs for each of these alternatives. GCRG and our LTEMP Action Group will be looking at all of these very closely and assessing their merits. We’ll be in touch with you with what we think once we’ve had a chance to wrap our brains around it, in preparation for the release of the Draft LTEMP EIS this fall. This is YOUR RIVER, and Grand Canyon National Park belongs to ALL OF US. Our goal is to get everyone fired up to provide comments!



Six alternatives, including the No-Action Alternative, have been developed for consideration in the Glen Canyon Dam Long-Term Experimental and Management Plan



(LTEMP) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The alternatives represent different ways Glen Canyon Dam could be operated under the LTEMP over the next 20 years,



and will serve as the basis of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) assessment to be presented in the LTEMP EIS. At the February 20, 2014, Adaptive



Management Working Group Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, the LTEMP EIS team presented an overview of the alternatives. This presentation can be downloaded at






Please forward this message to any party you feel may



be interested in the LTEMP EIS.

Thanks to the Grand Canyon River Guides Association for getting this information out.



Business Opportunity Announced for Hospitality Contract on South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

Feel like entertaining a million people a year? Read on!

Grand Canyon National Park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga has announced the availability of a prospectus for a business opportunity in the park, to provide lodging, food services, retail, transportation, mule rides, and other services on the South Rim.   This prospectus, similar to one announced on August 6, 2013, outlines the business opportunity, describes the existing business, and provides details on how to submit a responsive proposal.

The new 15 year contract is one of the largest in the National Park Service (NPS) in terms of revenue and lodging inventory. The services required in this prospectus have generated an average of approximately $66 million in gross revenues annually.

This historic lodging and hospitality contract (CC-GRCA001-15) will include lodging, retail and food service in the historic Grand Canyon Village including the El Tovar, Bright Angel Lodge, Thunderbird and Kachina Lodges, Maswik Lodge and Phantom Ranch, as well as retail and food service at Hermits Rest.  It will also continue to include transportation services such as bus tours, taxi service and mule rides. 

The historic Desert View Watchtower, which is currently operated as a gift shop, will be transferred to the NPS and will remain open to the public.

Concessions contracts are developed and issued under the authority of the Concessions Management Improvement Act of 1998, P.L. 105-391, and its attending regulations in 36 CFR §51. 

All interested parties are encouraged to apply and submit a responsive proposal to the prospectus. This new opportunity is being advertised on the Federal Business Opportunities web site,  The prospectus is available online at  To obtain a paper copy of the prospectus please contact Jennifer Parker at 303-969-2661303-969-2661.

Responsive proposals must be received by the Intermountain Regional Office by Monday, May 12, 2014.  For additional information, please contact Jennifer Parker, Chief of Concessions, Intermountain Region at 303-969-2661303-969-2661. 

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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Increase in diving (neck) injuries in Colorado River, Grand Canyon NP.

In the last few weeks the NPS has responded to three shallow water diving incidents into the Colorado River. One of these (not involved with a river trip) resulted in devastating injuries. I’m hoping you might be able inform river guides of this disturbing trend by included a note in the boatman’s s quarterly or your guide email network.

In two of these incidents the patients were diving into the river from the shoreline impacting their heads into the bottom or unseen obstacles In the other incident a patient dove off the rear of a raft that was beached. While we continue to see extremity injury patterns from getting on and off the boats and during side hikes, these incidents usually don’t carry the potential for instantly catastrophic injury like shallow water diving does. Thanks for spreading the word for this watchout situation.

Brandon Torres

Branch Chief of Emergency Services

Grand Canyon National Park

office 928-638-7792928-638-7792

cell 928-607-6014928-607-6014

Want to work as a Swamper on a Grand Canyon Trip?

O.A.R.S. Adventure Alert
Win a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip
Wimps Need Not Apply. Here’s Why… This won’t be a vacation. Wait, we haven’t lost you already have we? Because this is your chance to have an epic adventure—two weeks, 280 miles, and some of the biggest whitewater on the planet—as a member of our crew.

That’s right, we’re giving away a backstage pass to the Grand Canyon. We’re going to select one lucky winner to become a “swamper” with O.A.R.S. in the Grand Canyon. Can you say…living the dream?

This is the real deal. You’ll help load the boats, spend some time on the oars, and if you’re lucky, we’ll even let you put the toilet away (just kidding – or are we?). Either way, as a bonafide crew member (don’t worry, “swamper” is just a technical term), you’ll be able to step behind the wheel and experience the Colorado River first-hand.

Sure, you might sweat a little bit and your hands will get dirty, but we can guarantee this trip will be a life-changing experience. Just check out this video if you don’t believe us.

So, if you’re ready to run legendary rapids, explore hidden side canyons, and get lost in the earth’s most famous crack for two of the best weeks of your life, we might have just the job for you…

Head over to our Facebook page from July 15 to August 19, 2013 to sign up for a chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime Grand Canyon experience:

Enter to Win

And when you sign up to win our Grand Canyon trip, you’re automatically entered to win daily and weekly prizes like a copy of Kevin Fedarko’s new book, “The Emerald Mile: The Epic Story of the Fastest Ride in History through the Grand Canyon,” or a pair of Teva Original sandals. Bonus!

O.A.R.S. Grand Canyon, Inc. is an authorized concessioner of Grand Canyon National Park

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The O.A.R.S. Family of Companies PO Box 67 Angels Camp, CA 95222 Toll Free in North America: 1-800-346-6277 Outside the U.S.A. and Canada: 1-209-736-4677


Grand Canyon Youth needs Program Director


Job Title: Program Director, Grand Canyon Youth, Inc.

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

Salary: $32,000

Benefits: Health, Dental and Retirement

Work Hours: Flexible schedule that varies by season; some nights and weekends; average 40 hour work week

Position Open: July 15-August 15, 2013

To Apply: Please submit a resume, cover letter and references to Executive Director, Emma Wharton



The Program Director for Grand Canyon Youth (GCY) is responsible for the preparation, correspondence and coordination of the programmatic aspects of Grand Canyon Youth’s river education programs. The Program Director must have the ability to develop and maintain professional relationships with GCY staff, youth participants, parents, guides, drivers, volunteers, and community partners.



Program Development (5%)

• Manage program documents

• Develop and implement educational curriculum/goals

• Collect, create and distribute educational resources


Program Preparation (90%)

• Orient the teachers, partnership agencies, and community members who work with Grand Canyon Youth to the goals of Grand Canyon Youth.

• Act as the main point of contact with groups and participants

• Maintain and facilitate on-going communication through email, phone and in-person meetings

• Schedule and lead informational meetings

• Manage the financial aid approval process

• Conduct post-season debriefs and evaluations


Other Responsibilities (5%)

• Adhere and be familiar with the GCY risk management policies, procedures, and protocols.

• Coordination of an on-river educational program



• Enthusiasm for working with middle and high school age youth

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Superior organization skills and ability to formulate efficient systems

• Ability to document and communicate details

• High interest in experiential education & development of educational resources for outdoor and site-based education

• Creative and effective problem-solving skills

• Strong work ethic

• Strong ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks

• Demonstrated ability to innovate, rather than maintain status quo

• Ability to function well in a busy work environment (including a shared office with multiple interruptions)

• Practical knowledge and experience using a variety of office equipment and programs (including, but not limited to, desktop computer, shared documents, printer, fax machine, multi-line telephone, copier, email, word processing, spreadsheets)

• Flexibility

• Sense of humor


Minimum Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree and/or any combination of education, training and experience which demonstrates the ability to perform the duties of the position

• Clean driving record

• Ability to pass a background check

• Minimum age of 21



• At least two years experience working with youth and/or working in nonprofit management

• River experience

• Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid training



• This position is subject to the availability of grant funds.

• This job description may evolve as the needs of the organization change.

• Grand Canyon Youth, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.


Grand Canyon Youth, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide an experiential education for youth along the rivers and canyons of the Southwest in an effort to promote environmental awareness, community involvement, personal growth, and teamwork among people of diverse backgrounds.

Our ideal candidate will be dependable, trustworthy and able to follow up with and complete tasks in a timely manner. The GCY Program Director must be very organized and whole-heartedly embrace the values outlined in our mission.



Emma Wharton

Executive Director

Grand Canyon Youth

ph 928.773.7921

fx  928.774.8941



Want a job rowing a boat or motor rig in the Grand Canyon?

Hello everyone,

Poster for Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona...

Poster for Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are 2 small craft operator (whitewater boat operator) positions now open in Grand Canyon National Park. The positions opened today, June 17th and will be open for applications until July 12th. The positions have a 4 year term. You can access the job posting/descriptions/requirements and apply online at:

This information came from the Grand Canyon River Guides Association. If you love the Grand Canyon, you should be a member.


GCRG BW LOGO High Res (2)

Public Input Received on LTEMP EIS Alternatives………long wait, big fight, stay involved

Public Input Received on LTEMP EIS Alternatives

The Bureau of Reclamation and the National Park Serviceextended an opportunity for members of the public to provide input on LTEMP EIS alternatives after

Grand Canyon, Arizona. The canyon, created by ...

preliminary alternative concepts were published in a newsletter on March 30, 2012, and the agencies hosted a public workshop on alternatives in Flagstaff, Arizona on April 4 and 5, 2012. Input was received from the Basin States (consisting of the seven Colorado River Basin states and the Upper Colorado River Commission), the Colorado River Energy Distributors Association (CREDA), the Grand Canyon Trust, and the Irrigation and Electrical Districts Association of Arizona (IEDA). This input can be viewed on the LTEMP EIS website at

The LTEMP joint-lead agencies are reviewing this material and using it to inform development of alternatives to be considered in the LTEMP EIS.

For More Information

To learn more about how you can participate in the EIS process, visit the “Getting Involved” page of the LTEMP EIS Web Site

If you have questions or need more information, contact the LTEMP EIS Webmaster at

Please forward this message to any party you feel may be interested in the LTEMP EIS.



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Experience the Magic of the Grand Canyon A Complete Video Library of America’s Greatest Natural Wonder

Grand Canyon SuiteDON BRIGGS has spent over 25 years photographing and filming the Grand Canyon. Having made 70+ trips down the Colorado as a river guide, he has had the opportunity to capture the Canyon in its many moods, though all the seasons. His Grand Canyon films have won numerous National and International awards, including a Daytime Emmy Award for single camera cinematography.



One of the most popular modern American orchestral works. As a young man, Ferde Grofé wandered about  the American Southwest in the 1920’s and fell under the spell of the Grand Canyon. He translated his vivid impressions into his symphonic masterpiece. Combined with images by Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Don Briggs, “Grand Canyon Suite” becomes the quintessential musical travelogue. 32 minutes. $14.95


Don Briggs Film & Video

For bulk orders email

WordPress Tags: Experience,Magic,Grand,Canyon,Complete,Video,Library,America,Greatest,Natural,Wonder,BRIGGS,Colorado,river,moods,National,International,Daytime,Emmy,Award,cinematography,ORDER,VIDEOS,ONLINE,SUITE,American,Ferde,Grofé,Southwest,masterpiece,travelogue,Film,donbriggsfilms

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Support the Grand Canyon River Guides Boatman Quarterly Review. The finest publication I read

Hey all you BQR lovers out there!


It has come to my attention that the 2012 CIRCLE OF FRIENDS fundraising drive for the BQR is falling short by about $3



0 year-to-date as compared to last year . Considering that we’ve vastly improved the BQR by moving to a FULL COLOR FORMAT, we would expect to be that much more ahead! We’ve received tons of heartwarming emails and notes from those of you who LOVE the new color editions of the BQR. GCRG wants to be able to continue to produce the BQR at this high quality level, so we really need the support of ALL of our members to make this happen. That means YOU!

So if you have not done so already, please consider contributing to the Circle of Friends fundraising drive TODAY! Thanks a million to all of you who have already donated — your support means the world to us.

Don’t worry if you lost your Circle of Friends letter we sent you in early May. You can contribute ANYTIME! Just put “Circle of Friends” in the memo portion of the check. The contribution levels are:

Friend $1 – $99
Sponsor $100 – $499
Protector $500 – $999
Steward $ 1,000 – $2,499
Advocate $2,500 – $4,999
Philanthropist $5000 or more


The BQR Circle of Friends makes you a direct contributor to the outstanding quality of our publication and our ability to



foster stewardship and advocacy for the Colorado River experience you love. Large or small, we appreciate any and all contributions and they make a BIGdifference! Thanks for your support!

Lynn Hamilton
Executive Director
Grand Canyon River Guides, Inc.
PO Box 1934
Flagstaff, AZ 86002
(928) 773-1075 phone
(928) 773-8523 fax



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BioScience Technician positions at Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National park is currently searching for up to 30 people to help out with Science and Resource ManagementactivitPoster for Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona...ies, including lots of fisheries

field work beginning in November. These positions are intermittent, meaning that there is no guarantee of work and no set work schedule. Intermittent employees are eligible to work up to 1039 hours in a calendar year, with extra paid training hours available as necessary. There is no housing, travel money, or insurance available. However, intermittent employees can receive overtime pay. While Grand Canyon is not guaranteeing any work, intermittent employees do not have to be available for every trip. This type of position is excellent for someone with a (flexible) job or someone that has other seasonal work and may be interested in working in the field when trips are available. These positions can be maintained for years to come.

For more information about the position, and for information about how to apply, please click the following link:

There will be a lot of backcountry field work with the fisheries program this fall and winter, and other programs within Grand Canyon National Park‘s Science and Resource Management Division have project needs as well. We are especially interested in people with general science and backcountry experience. Please distribute this to anyone that think may be interested. Again, the position is open on USA Jobs from August 13-24.

Thank you,

National Parks & Conservation Association post on the Huffington Post about the Grand Canyon and NOISE!

National Parks: Are We Giving Up on Peace and Quiet to Allow More Noise?

The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided gorge carved...

Posted: 08/07/2012 6:39 pm

After a 14-hour drive and, hopefully, a good night’s rest, you get the family up early and together you hike the trail or stand at an overlook along the rim. There it is before you; one of the most magnificent sights on the face of the earth, a place that Theodore Roosevelt said could not be improved upon, the Grand Canyon. As you stop, basking in its glory, you are grateful to share the moment with your family. Then the perfection is shattered. The “whomp, whomp, whomp” of helicopters hovering above you shatters the quiet. In five minutes you are transported back to hustle and bustle of your busy life and your 12-year-old is now more interested in the helicopter than the vast canyon.

A similar story could be told about Yellowstone National Park, where the sounds of bursting geysers, bubbling mud pots, and chattering trumpeter swans get drowned out by the roar of snowmobiles in the wintertime.

National parks have a “wow factor” that captivates us — incredible views, natural wonders and amazing stories. During these trips, visitors look for experiences where you can take a moment to hear and see new things. If you visit a national park when you are a child, years later when you take your child or your grandchild you expect a similar experience. That is the promise made when a National Park site is designated. Most people come away from their visits inspired by their experience and ready to add another park to their bucket list.

Recently, the National Parks Service (NPS) announced a new winter plan for Yellowstone, which could double the amount of snowmobiles entering the park each day. This is concerning because the technology once promised to become cleaner and quieter is actually getting worse. The snowmobile manufacturers promised to improve these vehicles, but they are noisier and more polluting than the models built seven years ago. Sadly, the National Park Service’s latest proposal to increase snowmobile use is taking us backwards.

Additionally, Congress just weeks ago subverted a nearly final plan to reduce helicopter and other air tour noise heard by visitors enjoying the overlooks and hiking trails in the Grand Canyon. By sneaking in an amendment to the recent transportation bill, Congress carelessly cast aside the time, money, and public involvement spent on developing a new air tour plan for the Grand Canyon. That plan was fair for all visitors — it allowed air tours to continue while identifying areas where visitors on the ground could enjoy noise free areas. While these two actions individually directly impact these two National Parks, on a wider scale they contravene the NPS policies that promise visitors the opportunity to hear natural sounds — a wolf howling, a rushing river, or bursting water from Old Faithful.

Are we going to allow more noise in our National Parks?

National Parks are special and unique places where families can share a sense of wonder and pride that we take care of these awe-inspiring places just as President Roosevelt expressed. Is our generation giving up on the protection we have provided to these places? By downgrading protections for our greatest National Parks in order to allow noisy vehicles to drown out nature, we are not protecting these wonderful experiences so many generations before us have enjoyed. NPCA believes every generation deserves the chance to hear the sounds of nature (not just machines) that people expect in our National Parks.


Arizona Senators attempt to defend their actions…..poorly

Here is a recent Arizona Republic editorial by Senators McCain and Kyl, followed by a letter-to-the-editor response from Rob Smith of the Sierra Club:

Parks’ noise rules at Canyon went too far

Grand Canyon, Arizona. The canyon, created by ...

by John McCain and Jon Kyl – Jul. 21, 2012 12:00 AM

Our Turn

For over 100 years, people have found different ways to experience the magnificence of the Grand Canyon. Some spend weeks rafting down the Colorado River, while others are content with viewing a fraction of the Canyon’s landscape from man-made overlooks on the South Rim.

Many visitors choose to hike the Canyon, but its challenging trails aren’t for everyone. Fortunately, air-tour operators offer a unique sightseeing experience that’s invaluable to elderly and disabled visitors — including our wounded warriors — who may not otherwise be able to fully explore the Canyon.

The 1987 Overflights Act was intended to restore the park’s “natural quiet,” and we’re proud that today the Grand Canyon isn’t buzzing with the same free-for-all air traffic as it was then.

Regulations were created that tightened air-tour routes, created flight-free zones across much of the park’s airspace, and raised the altitude ceilings for aircraft. Air-tour companies also took the initiative and voluntarily installed $200 million worth of noise-reduction technology in their aircraft. Indeed, the National Park Service has already exceeded the original goal it mandated of making more than 50 percent of the park free of aircraft noise.

Regrettably, the new Park Service plan would have threatened this progress, arbitrarily moving the “natural quiet” goal post from 50 percent to 77 percent of the park and banning tours around sunrise and sunset. This would have deprived many visitors the chance to experience one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. That’s not what Congress intended when it passed the 1987 law, and it’s not justifiable today.

We share the Park Service’s goal of protecting the Canyon, and we have legislated a balance that was already achieved, as well as provided additional incentives to increase the use of quiet-aircraft technology.

We waited 25 years for the Park Service to develop reasonable standards, and when they failed to do so, it was time to act. The stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon will be shared among many Americans in many ways, just as it is today, ensuring that everyone has maximum opportunity to enjoy its full majesty.

John McCain and Jon Kyl, both Republicans, represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate.

McCain, Kyl back aerial clatter at Canyon

Jul. 24, 2012 12:00 AM

How sad that Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl would say that visitors to the Grand Canyon should hear air-tour noise instead of the park’s natural quiet (“Parks’ noise rules at Canyon went too far,” Opinions, Saturday).

They say listening to helicopters and airplanes once every four minutes where most people visit is fine. And that’s supposedly the “quiet” half of the park.

And they say early-morning and evening hours should be times of aerial clatter, not magnificent stillness and calm.

And, to top it off, they blame the National Park Service for moving slowly when they themselves have led several congressional attempts to stall the agency from solving this problem for nearly 25 years.

Thanks to The Republic for speaking up for the Grand Canyon (“Congress bungles noise restrictions,” Editorial, July 5). I wish that voice could be heard by our senators above the commercial air-tour noise at the Grand Canyon.

Thanks to the Grand Canyon River Guides Association for this info.

Update on the Grand Canyon Escalade or Gondola to the Little Colorado River

We urge you to get informed about the plans for proposed development at the Little Colorado River (called Grand Canyon

Escalade) — check out the website posted by Confluence Partners LLC, the developer for the project:

So far, there has been a great deal of opposition to the project from community members living within the Gap/Bodaway Chapter of the Navajo Nation. The Gap/Bodaway chapter has made two resolutions opposing the development and is poised for another meeting next week.

GCRG and other organizations are tracking this issue and coordinating our efforts.

The Little Colorado River is one of the spectacular “Awe” moments in a Grand Canyon River Trip. To watch someone who has been dealing with green or brown cold water for three days gaze in amazement at the turquoise blue warm waters of the “Little C” is worth the hard work. That view will be permanently co-opted by this project.


Bicycle guide job in the Grand Canyon

Bright Angel Bicycles LLC, (a guide owned business) is looking for help in our guiding dept. We have developed the first bicycle rental and tour services located at the South Rim and operate several tours per day. The tours operate seasonally March –November weather permitting. The tours run in two directions, the most popular is the Hermit Rd tour followed by the new edition to the park trail system Yaki Point tour!

The Hermit Rd tour starts with a shuttle ride from the Mather Point Visitors Center (M.P.V.C) to Hopi Pt., from there it is 5.5 miles and 90% downhill to Hermits Rest. Total time is 3 hours including shuttle ride. Tours depart at 10am and 3pm.

The Yaki Tour starts at the MPVC and rides along the newly constructed greenway trail to (you guessed it) Yaki Pt.! The ride has a 150 ft. elevation gain on the way to Yaki and boasts total mileage of 5 miles round trip. Total time is 2.5 hours including shuttle ride. Tours depart at 10am and 3pm.Piece of cake for a Grand Canyon River Guide, right? You can even bring your old juice container that has been converted into a water bottle if you like!!

If you are looking for work in the shoulder seasons we operate a café year round!! Check our website for current job postings.

Photo of the Yavapai Observation Station in Gr...

Photo of the Yavapai Observation Station in Grand Canyon National Park South Rim. Photo by Ross Statham, October 2004 NOTE: This image actually depicts the Desert View Watchtower, as was pointed out on File talk:Yavapai Observation Station.jpg at 04:10, 13 January 2007 UTC by Nebular110 (talk • contribs) . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


             Current Community First Aid or greater (WFR)

             Current CPR card

             Two years guiding experience including well rounded interpretation of geology, biology, archaeology and recent human history

             Must be comfortable speaking to groups/ Must be able to ride a bicycle

             Must be 18 years old


             $40/tour + tip

             $65/tour if you only guide one per day

             Housing available on a limited basis with minimal rental fee

             Some limited carpooling will be available

Send resumes to  Phone: 928-814-8704  Website:

Bright Angel Bicycle Rentals & Tour Service
Grand Canyon Visitor Center, Grand Canyon National Park South Rim
Phone: 928-814-8704


What do you think? Leave a comment.

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Posts will keep coming but I’m in the Grand Canyon

Sorry, but you can’t turn down a Grand Canyon Trip

My posts will keep coming, I’ve scheduled them in advance and however comments will not get approved.

I’ll be back after May 13th.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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Poster for Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona...

Poster for Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Grand Canyon Raft Company Summer Job

Poster for Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona...

Image via Wikipedia

Arizona Raft Adventures & Grand Canyon Discovery

Warehouse Personnel Job summary


AzRA/Discoevry is a licensed concessioner for the Grand Canyon National Park. We offer 6 to 16 day rafting tours through Grand Canyon National Park on the Colorado River. We are looking for part/full time warehouse employees to help with pre and post trip logistics. The positions will be up to forty hours a week and run from April to October, 2012.

General Responsibilities:

Maintain a safe and clean warehouse/work area

Be able to work well with others

Be in sound physical condition (able to lift 70 pounds)

Maintenance and repair of river equipment

Assist guide crew in safely loading and unloading trucks

Pre packing equipment for outgoing river trips

Licenses and skills:

Must have a drivers license

Willing to obtain a forklift operator certificate


It is AzRA/Discovery’s to provide equal employment opportunity to all individuals based on job related qualifications. AzRA/Discovery complies with all federal, state, and local non-discrimination laws in all aspects of employment including recruiting, hiring, promotion, development, transfer, and disciplinary action.


AzRA/Discovery has always followed and will continue to follow all State, Federal, and National Park Service rules and regulations concerning a drug-free work environment (pre-employment and random drug testing).


Send a resume to fred and jed by March 19th. Include with the resume a phone number and your availability. This is no way a river position or away to become a guide.

Thank you,

Fred Thevenin

Arizona Raft Adventures & Grand Canyon Discovery

4050 E Huntington Dr. Flagstaff, AZ 86004

928-526-8200, 800-786-7238, AzRA on Facebook, AzRA YouTube Channel

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Call to Action continues: Grand Canyon Overflights and stop blocking the NPS process

Please continue to call into Senators Reid and McCain’s offices to ask them to save the natural quiet at the Grand Canyon and stop blocking the NPS process.  This bad amendment to the transportation bill (S. 1813) needs to be withdrawn so that the EIS on overflights can move forward.

Senator McCain:
DC Phone number: 202-224-2235
Contact form:
Senator Reid:
DC Phone number: 202-224-3542
Contact form:
Be a canyon advocate and contact them TODAY!

See the Grand Canyon River Guides Response Below for ideas:


Grand Canyon River Guides Association

PO Box 1934

Flagstaff, AZ 86002

(928) 773-1075 phone

(928) 773-8523 fax March 1, 2012

Dear Senator,

Grand Canyon River Guides is a non-profit educational and environmental organization dedicated to protecting and preserving Grand Canyon and the Colorado River experience for future generations to enjoy. On behalf of our 1,600+ members, we would like to express our deep concern over the proposed amendment No. 1669 to the Senate transportation bill, S. 1813. Our specific concerns center on two factors:

1) Changing the language of Section 3 of Public Law 100-91 (the National Park Overflights Act of 1987), from “aircraft” to “commercial air tour” essentially renders not only park research invalid, but also the Draft EIS itself, which was based on the mandates of the Overflights Act as currently written.

2) By providing an incentive such as increasing flight allocations for operators who convert to quiet aircraft technology (which is not really quiet, just less noisy), the amendment would actually increase air tour numbers, thereby exacerbating the noise problem rather than solving it. Converting to quiet technology should be considered as the cost of doing business in Grand Canyon, and a strict requirement integral to operating responsibly in one of the natural wonders of the world.

Many of our members spend a good portion of their lives in the depths of Grand Canyon and we have been deeply privileged to experience, appreciate, and contemplate natural quiet on an intimate level. Having that experience, and knowing how much that precious resource is at risk of disappearing altogether, prompts us to defend natural quiet’s continued existence as a defining characteristic of Grand Canyon.

We urge you not to disenfranchise the American public – people who care deeply about all of Grand Canyon’s resources including natural quiet. Nearly 30,000 people commented on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on Special Flight Rules in the Vicinity of Grand Canyon National Park. It is of note that the majority of those comments were in support of restoring natural quiet to this icon park. The National Park Service is poised to release a Final EIS this spring which will address the impact of aircraft noise on park resources and the visitor experience.

Let’s not derail an important public process that has been so very long in coming on this contentious issue. Natural quiet is a prime value which has essentially vanished in the heart of Grand Canyon, necessitating definitive action for its restoration. We must move forward on this issue, and the proposed amendment makes that impossible.


Overlook over the Colorado River in the Grand ...

Image via Wikipedia

The Officers and Board of Directors

Grand Canyon River Guides, Inc.

WordPress Tags: Call,Action,Senators,Reid,McCain,offices,Grand,Canyon,amendment,transportation,Senator,Contact,senate,index,FuseAction,ContactForm,River,Guides,Response,Association,Flagstaff,March,Dear,Colorado,generations,factors,Section,Public,National,Park,Overflights,aircraft,Draft,incentive,allocations,operators,technology,noise,cost,requirement,Many,resource,existence,American,resources,Environmental,Impact,Statement,Special,Rules,icon,Service,Final,visitor,Natural,restoration,Officers,Board,Directors,gcrg

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Guiding Opportunity at Grand Canyon National Park

Arizona Outback Adventures will be conducting a series of day hikes on various trails at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park on May 19th 2012.

We are recruiting guides to join our existing staff for three days of work on a contract basis.

Pay is $100.00-$120.00 per day dependent upon experience and qualifications

Guaranteed gratuity plus additional tips possible

All meals, park entrance and camping fees included

Applicants are required to have:

·          Current WFR certification (or higher)

·          Current CPR certification

·          Good general knowledge of Grand Canyon’s history, geology, flora and fauna

·          Experience hiking the main trails from the South Rim

·          The ability to handle a group of seven diverse hikers on your own

·          The ability to follow specific instructions and procedures

·          A day pack, comprehensive first aid kit, trowel and all appropriate clothing and footwear for changing weather conditions

·          Be physically fit

·          Have a pleasant, friendly and engaging personality

·          Have a presentable appearance

·          Be available from 5:00am 5/17 through 9:00pm 5/19

·          Experienced Grand Canyon hiking and rafting  guides preferred

To apply email with a brief outline of your experience and qualifications, list all trails that you have hiked from the Main South Rim area (Hermit to Grandview) and the approximate number of times on each trail. Attach a current photo and a single sheet with a color scan of your Driver’s License, WFR Card and CPR card (if separate) with expiration dates clearly showing.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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Guiding Job in the Grand Canyon

Angel’s Gate Tours is looking for experienced Grand Canyon guides to lead sightseeing tours, day hikes and the occasional backpacking trip in Grand Canyon. We are specifically recruiting experienced Grand Canyon boatman and other Grand Canyon backcountry professionals. Please contact us if you meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum WFR certified, with CPR. (More advanced med certs are also acceptable).
  • Good driving record. (1 minor ticket is usually OK)
  • Must be able to pass Arizona DOT physical (this is pretty simple, basically it verifies that you can see, hear and move well enough to drive a vehicle).
  • Outstanding Grand Canyon knowledge. (You know your schist from Shi-nola, and can present complex material in an entertaining manner).
  • Hiking experience on all South Rim trails.

This is an excellent opportunity for Grand Canyon backcountry professionals that need to spend more time in town due to family, children, dog issues or other constraints. The majority of our tours and hikes depart from and return to Flagstaff daily. Please visit our website at and call (928) 814-2277 to schedule an interview. Angel’s Gate Tours is an EOE.

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  • Define and ensure a substantial role for the Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center (GCMRC) within the LTEMP EIS process.
  • GCMRC’s involvement is critical to draw on the body of knowledge that has been gained as the science arm of the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program.
  • GCMRC’s involvement is also necessary for the development and evaluation of scientifically credible, well-defined alternatives to best meet program and ecosystem goals.
  • It is paramount that all LTEMP alternatives fully meet the intent of the 1992 Grand Canyon Protection Act, which specifically states, ´The Secretary shall operate Glen Canyon Dam…in such a manner as to protect, mitigate adverse impacts to, and improve the values for which Grand Canyon National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area were established, including, but not limited to natural and cultural resources and visitor use.”
  • Change the Purpose and Need for Action Statement for the LTEMP as follows:
  • Change the language of the Purpose statement to accurately reflect the language and intent of the Grand Canyon Protection Act.
  • Drop the reference to hydropower which is an ancillary benefit of the dam.
  • Desired Future Conditions (DFCs) developed within the GCDAMP with DOI input and approval should be utilized in analyzing the impacts of LTEMP alternatives and applied as a benchmark for defining identified objectives that are scientifically measurable and attainable through dam operations during the life of the Plan.  Related considerations include:

o   The Core Monitoring Program under development by the Grand Canyon Monitoring & Research Center will help track progress towards those desired outcomes.

o   The DFCs must not be static, but rather they must be continually refined as new knowledge is gained, unacceptable impacts are discerned, and subject to a determination of whether the specific DFCs are achievable.

  • The LTEMP must be based on an adaptive ecosystem management approach.
  • This is a dynamic and complex system.  Our learning and adapting/building on what we know must continue indefinitely.
  • Clearly define agency responsibilities, improve communication, create mechanisms for productive information sharing, and eliminate project redundancies between Grand Canyon National Park and the Grand Canyon Monitoring & Research Center.
  • Ensure that the 11 affiliated tribes who live in and around the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River have a substantive role in LTEMP development which continues throughout the LTEMP process, and the life of the plan.  The LTEMP must find a way to successfully incorporate tribal values and knowledge into decision making – a distinct failure of the Adaptive Management Program to date.
  • Towards that end, science must not be the only lens through which we view the Colorado River ecosystem (CRE), its resources, and associated values.  Respectful and thorough tribal consultation must occur at each stage and those cultural and spiritual connections must be woven into the LTEMP and incorporated more effectively into the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program.  The tribes view all canyon resources as culturally significant.
  • Funding for monitoring and management of cultural resource should be restored.  In order to comply with the Grand Canyon Protection Act, federal laws, statutes and executive orders, the importance of protecting and preserving these fragile, non-renewable resources and Traditional Cultural Properties for the benefit of future generations must not be minimized.
  • Look to other dam managed rivers, examine their challenges and successes in restoring natural patterns and processes while a dam is still in place and utilize that expertise to inform and strengthen the LTEMP process.
  • Improve the structure and functionality of the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program in order to meet GCDAMP mission and goals.  Simply put, we would like to see a much more balanced GCDAMP stakeholder group that has the ability and willingness to act adaptively on what is learned.

RESOURCE ISSUES:Overlook over the Colorado River in the Grand ...

  • Maintain or improve the quality of recreational resource for users of the Colorado River, for generations to come.
  • Consider carrying capacity and campability — design flows and flow experiments that will ensure sufficient number, size and distribution of camping beaches to accommodate the level of use delineated by the Colorado River Management Plan and minimize crowding and congestion.
  • Focus on benefiting, protecting and preserving all of the downstream resources (such as camping beaches, cultural sites, etc…) and their associated values– the LTEMP should go beyond a focus on mass sediment balance and fish.
  • River users care about ALL that makes Grand Canyon unique, including cultural resources, tribal perspectives and the rich cultural heritage of the Colorado River.
  • Reaching a certain metric for mass sediment balance is not sufficient – The LTEMP needs to focus on whether the sediment adequately protects and preserves the individual resources along the Colorado River.
  • The Endangered Species Act specifies that it is not just the fish that require protection, but also their habitat.
  • Examine the role of time and climate change in the system.
  • Can we build up a Humpback chub population (above survival levels) during drought low flow warm water years sufficient to mitigate impacts from years with high snow levels in the Rockies and high release/cold water flows from Glen Canyon Dam?


  • Beach Habitat Building Flows should be a well-defined, key component of LTEMP alternatives.
  • Finalize the High Flow Experimental Protocol Environmental Assessment and incorporate it into the design of all LTEMP alternatives.
  • Design intervening flows (flows immediately after, and between high flow experiments) that maximize sediment retention.
  • Address the preservation of sand deposits by designing post-High Flow Experiment hydrographs that optimize ecosystem goals (i.e. sediment retention) to the greatest extent possible.
  • Include an LTEMP alternative to test steady flows.
  • Consider an alternative that includes a seasonally adjusted steady flow alternative that includes sediment triggered Beach Habitat Building Flows, and based on the closest approximation of the pre-dam hydrograph.
  • We need a scientifically credible, well-designed steady flow experiment of sufficient longevity to produce a biological signal (more than two months in the fall) that is followed by a full synthesis of impacts to biological, physical, social, economic and cultural resources.
  • Consider a minimum flow of no less than 8,000 cfs to ensure navigability and safety for all boaters.
  • Test the “best case scenario” presented in the article, “Is there enough sand? Evaluating the fate of Grand Canyon sandbars” as proposed by USGS scientists
  •  Design an alternative based on the best chance of viability for rebuilding and maintaining sandbars.

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