Want a job rowing a boat or motor rig in the Grand Canyon?

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Poster for Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona...

Poster for Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are 2 small craft operator (whitewater boat operator) positions now open in Grand Canyon National Park. The positions opened today, June 17th and will be open for applications until July 12th. The positions have a 4 year term. You can access the job posting/descriptions/requirements and apply online at:


This information came from the Grand Canyon River Guides Association. If you love the Grand Canyon, you should be a member.


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U.S. National Park Service Conservation Study Institute Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Vermont

University of Vermont

University of Vermont (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

U.S. National Park Service Conservation Study Institute Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Vermont

The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont is pleased to offer the Conservation Study Institute

Doctoral Fellowship. The fellowship supports doctoral study in the Rubenstein School and is jointly sponsored by the Conservation Study Institute and the Rubenstein School. The Conservation Study Institute is an entity of the National Park Service that advances innovation in the stewardship of the national park system. The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources offers degrees in higher e

English: Jon Jarvis, Director of the National ...

English: Jon Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ducation at the BS, MS, and Ph.D. levels. In preparation for the 2016 centennial of the National Park Service, the doctoral fellowship will address “Parks in Their Second Century” and is designed to help inform the National Park Service in ways that will help it meet the opportunities and challenges of its second century. The doctoral student will be housed in the Rubenstein School’s Park Studies Laboratory and will participate in the Lab’s long-term program of research in the national parks. For more information on the fellowship, please contact Professor Robert Manning:


(802) 656-3096

CSI Doctoral Fellowship Announcement.pdf

Guiding Job in the Grand Canyon

Angel’s Gate Tours is looking for experienced Grand Canyon guides to lead sightseeing tours, day hikes and the occasional backpacking trip in Grand Canyon. We are specifically recruiting experienced Grand Canyon boatman and other Grand Canyon backcountry professionals. Please contact us if you meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum WFR certified, with CPR. (More advanced med certs are also acceptable).
  • Good driving record. (1 minor ticket is usually OK)
  • Must be able to pass Arizona DOT physical (this is pretty simple, basically it verifies that you can see, hear and move well enough to drive a vehicle).
  • Outstanding Grand Canyon knowledge. (You know your schist from Shi-nola, and can present complex material in an entertaining manner).
  • Hiking experience on all South Rim trails.

This is an excellent opportunity for Grand Canyon backcountry professionals that need to spend more time in town due to family, children, dog issues or other constraints. The majority of our tours and hikes depart from and return to Flagstaff daily. Please visit our website at www.SeeGrandCanyon.com and call (928) 814-2277 to schedule an interview. Angel’s Gate Tours is an EOE.

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GCRGA and the BQR

I get a ton of magazines, online and in print. The one that is always scanned before I leave the post office and read as soon as I get back is the Boatman’s

Grand Canyon 1

Grand Canyon 1 (Photo credit: krandolph)

Quarterly Review. The BQR is the quarterly publication of the Grand Canyon River Guides Association. I work in the Grand Canyon as a boatman every once in a while and it’s never enough time in the canyon. However my reasons for loving the BQR are the publication itself. It is filled with articles about the history, flora, fauna, geology and people of the Grand Canyon. Most importantly each article is filled with passion for the Grand Canyon. It is extremely well written and brings to life that beautiful part of the world in my home in Colorado that is a thousand miles away.

If you are a lover of the Grand Canyon, have hiked it or rowed it I strongly urge you to join the Grand Canyon River Guides Association. The GCRGA is working hard to preserve the canyon. The association will, if you want, keep you up to date on what is going on both at the bottom of the canyon and the top of the bureaucracy. The GCRGA is a great organization that is full of passionate, hard working people that I am proud to be allowed to associate with.

If you don’t know anything about the Grand Canyon but each quarter want a publication that will leave you breathless and wondering why you have not gotten there or back there, become a member of the GCRGA. You don’t have to be a river guide, only a lover of great writing and/or the Grand Canyon.

Membership is $30 a year or you can get a lifetime membership for $277. (As they say, one dollar for every mile the river flows.)

You should also go, see, and experience the Grand Canyon.

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