OutdoorIndustryB2B.com Connecting Businesses in the Outdoor Industry


OutdoorIndustryB2B.com a business-to-business website has just launched and is offering an inexpensive alternative to marketing services or supplies to outdoor industry buyers. Manufacturers and any type of outdoor business can find the resources they need to grow their business and produce their products.

Photographers, programmers, consultants, sourcing material companies, distributors, rep agencies, packaging and trade show booth companies etc. can create robust profiles and are examples of sellers. Buyers can enter the site confidentially to search and view extensive profiles, connect and send RFP’s through the site.

“I used to be a supplier to the Outdoor Industry by owning a website and design company. The Outdoor Industry was our niche. I found it a challenge to contact the right decision makers and to market to the industry other than by attending trade shows or do cold-calling. This platform will allow those that serve the Outdoor Industry to showcase in detail their services, clients and portfolios. Buyers will be able to find the services and products they need to grow their businesses”, said Laurel King, owner and founder.

It’s free for the buyer to search and find a service or product they need. Sellers will pay a launching special fee of only $100 for the first year. Their companies will be showcased to the public and to any buyer who chooses to participate. As part of the site, sellers will be able to receive and respond to RFP’s.

The site will be announced and marketed through various avenues including OutdoorIndustryJobs.com, which as a database of over 2000 employers and an email list of 40,000 people in the industry. Laurel King says, “I am excited about the potential of the site. With the support of the industry, I hope to provide a robust and valuable resource for businesses to find each other.”

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