2012 International Snow Science Workshop

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Summer Solstice was a couple of weeks ago, so the days are getting shorter and winter getting closer in the Northern Hemisphere. Here is the update on the International Snow Science Workshop scheduled for Anchorage, Alaska, September 16-21, 2012. If you haven’t signed up yet, we’re hoping that you make your travel plans to come for this year’s conference. It will be worth your time.

Full schedule online

The Papers Committee has finalized the schedule. There were 218 abstracts submitted with 140 requests for oral presentations. To accommodate the demand, we will run two 1 ½ hour workshop sessions with four separate tracks on Friday morning. During each session, five to six panelists will give a 10 minute review of their papers followed by a moderated 30 to 40 minute discussion. We hope this format stimulates lively discussion on few of the hot topics. The full schedule of presentations is available on the web site at www.issw2012.com

Important note: If you are a presenter, you need to sign up for the conference by July 15 to keep your presentation slot.

Fredston, Sturm, Movies & Divas

We have an exciting line up of speakers for the conference. Jill Fredston will give a welcome address and Introduction to the Alaska Avalanche Scene at the beginning of the conference. Matthew Sturm will be Thursday’s banquet speaker with a talk “Whalebacks, Barchans and Natigvik: A Scientist’s Stumblings through Yup’ik and Iñupiat Traditional Knowledge of Snow”. Since everybody has heard that there are umpteen native language words for snow, we figured it only fitting that an Alaska conference would delve into an ancient culture’s intimate relationship with snow.

On Tuesday, ISSW Movie Night will offer full night of entertainment at Beartooth Theatrepub. Who can resist avalanche and mountain adventure footage while enjoying handcrafted beer and tasty dinner? And of course, Monday evening’s Diva Night is the gathering for the women of ISSW to celebrate the outstanding females in this field.

American Avalanche Association Annual Membership Meeting

The AAA Annual Membership Meeting is scheduled for the week of ISSW. Exact date, time, and location to be announced.

Whiteout Gallery

New for ISSW 2012 is the Whiteout Gallery, which will feature photographs and other fine art by Alaskan artists that showcase “Our World of Snow and Ice”. All items will be sold by silent auction and proceeds from the art that you purchase will directly support ISSW.

Accommodations filling up

About 60 of 100 rooms at the host hotel, the Captain Cook, have already been spoken for so if you haven’t made a reservation we suggest you do that soon. Other accommodations are available in Anchorage during this time period.

Your AK Adventures

Many of those coming to this year’s conference will use the opportunity to extend their stay to see a bit of Alaska. One of our favorite locations is the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge operated by Alaska Wildland Adventures. This outstanding facility is located approximately 35 miles from Seward by boat. They have offered a discounted rate for ISSW participants. Several participants are already booked to stay there. What an opportunity to see the renowned Outer Coast of Alaska with its incredible wildlife, and mingle with other avalanche folks in a relaxed setting. You can check it out at http://www.issw2012.com/travelresources/activities/ . Be sure to mention the ISSW rate when booking. Some of us locals may even show up with a few boats to do a little fishing if we can pull it off.

Come up north!

We encourage you to make your travel plans and come up north for this unique ISSW. The setting will be spectacular, the presentations robust, the camaraderie unsurpassed, and we even have some great beer sponsors.

See you in three months,

ISSW 2012 Organizing Committee