Colorado Avalanche Information Center

Want the best snow reports for this winter season: Become a member of CAIC, the reports are free, but it’s cheap to find out where the real powder, not what some resort says! Join and maybe save your life.

Starting this season, we will no longer require a donation to receive forecasts via email. From now on you can get all of our mountain weather and avalanche products on the web, phone line via Twitter, or email for free. We have wanted to make this change for quite some time. It is a financial gamble for us, but we feel it is the right thing to do. Avalanche safety information should be free and readily available to everyone that needs it.

This change, and all the new features for the 2011-2012 season will move to our live website next week. This is later than we would like, but testing the features has taken longer than we expect. As a result, many of you received a renewal notice this week. I am sorry that this message went out and for the confusion it caused. We have extended everyone’s subscriptions, so you will keep getting the emails you were signed up for last season. By Thanksgiving everyone will be able to sign up for a free account so they can send us observations and get forecasts via email.

We still need your financial support. Although our funding appears to be stable, these are hard times for everyone and no one knows the future of any government program. Backcountry use in our state increases every year and we are constantly trying to provide a better service. Please support the Friends of the CAIC through one of their events, make a donation through their website or donate directly to the CAIC through the Geological Survey’s website. You can always send comments, suggestions and donations to:

325 Broadway WS1
Boulder, CO 80305

Thank you for all of your support in the past and I hope the services we provide continue to deserve your support now and in the future.

Ethan Greene
Director, CAIC


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