Tour of Utah UCI ranking increases to 2.HC

International Ranking for Tour of Utah Cycling Event

Elevated to Highest Classification

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (September 25, 2014) – One month following a record-setting 10th edition of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has confirmed that the Utah race has been elevated to its highest classification on the UCI America Tour, a 2.HC stage race. The Tour of Utah joins the Amgen Tour of California (May 10-17) and USA Pro Challenge (August 17-23) as the only events on the UCI America Tour with 2.HC designations. The 2015 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah will be held Aug. 3-9.The UCI grades each individual stage race for road cycling on a four-category scale. A 2.2 is the lowest rating for a multi-day stage race. A 2.HC designation, from the French “hors categorie” meaning beyond category, is the highest rating a stage race can receive outside of the WorldTour races, such as the Tour de France. A higher categorization means that the event offers greater prize money and more UCI points for competitors, allowing organizers to invite and attract the best teams in the world. As a 2.HC event in 2015, the Tour of Utah will be allowed to invite more ProTeams to compete. Up to 65 percent of the field may now be comprised of teams in the top world rankings.“This upgraded designation by the international governing body of cycling is further evidence of the Tour of Utah’s growing stature,” said Steve Miller, president of Miller Sports Properties, which organizes the Tour of Utah. “We aspire to continue to organize a world-class race that showcases our state and the sport.”The Tour of Utah began in 2004 as a three-day, regional competition for amateur and elite cycling athletes. By 2011 the Tour had expanded to six days of racing for professional teams and offered more than $125,000 for a prize purse, tripling the amount from previous years. The UCI recognized the Tour of Utah in 2011 as a 2.1-rated stage race, adding it to the UCI America Tour for the first time. For 2015, the Tour of Utah will be part of the UCI America Tour, which includes 25 professional cycling events in North America and South America.

“The elevation of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah to HC-status on the international calendar is a tremendous honor and a clear acknowledgement by cycling’s International governing body that the event is one of the world’s great races,” said USA Cycling CEO & President Steve Johnson. “I would like to congratulate Steve Miller and the extraordinary staff and volunteers of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah on the success of their efforts over the past 10 years; and also thank the Utah cycling and business community for their tremendous support of the event.”

In 2014, the Tour of Utah set records with 275,000 spectators and $20 million in economic impact for the state. The seven-day event, known “America’s Toughest Stage RaceTM”, featured 753 miles of racing and 57,863 vertical feet of climbing for 16 of the best professional teams in the U.S. and abroad. American Tom Danielson of Team Garmin-Sharp claimed the overall title for the weeklong Larry H.Miller Tour of Utah for a second year in a row. The inaugural Tour of Utah Women’s Edition presented by PlayHard GiveBack was held on Aug. 6, a 15-lap circuit race at Miller Motorsports Park, and was won by American Coryn Rivera of UnitedHealthcare.

Next year’s Tour of Utah will continue as the first internationally-sanctioned cycling competition in North America following the Tour de France. Host venues and the overall route for 2015 will be announced in the coming weeks. The Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah continues to be free to all spectators, making professional cycling one of the most unique professional sports in the world today. More information about the Tour of Utah and its partners can be found by visiting, as well as social channels Facebook (tourofutah), Twitter (thetourofutah), Instagram (thetourofutah) and YouTube (2014 Tour of Utah).

USA Cycling to roll out the USA Cycling Professional Cyclo-cross Calendar

USA Cycling ready to roll out the USA Cycling Professional Cyclo-cross Calendar

Colorado Springs, Colo. (September 6, 2012) –The United States will host the most cyclo-cross races in the world during the 2012-13 season. The events inscripted by the UCI will be part of the 2012-13 USA Cycling Professional Cyclo-cross Calendar (USACPCXC).In the 2011-12 season, Jeremy Powers (Easthampton, Mass./Team Rapha-Focus), Laura van Gilder (Cresco, Pa./C3 p/b Mellow Mushroom) topped the final pro men’s and women’s standings, respectively. Andrew Dillman (Fairdale, Ky./Red Zone Cycling-Bob’s Red Mill) topped the juniors men’s standings. The points distributionin 2012-13 will be the same as the 2011-12 season.

The 51-event calendar begins with Rohrbach’s Ellison Park Cyclocross in Rochester, N.Y. on Sept. 8 and continues until Cincinnati Kings International in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Jan. 26. The calendar includes nine events inscripted by the UCI as category 1 events. The first of the category 1 events is CrossVegas After Dark in Las Vegas, Nev., on Sept. 19. The remaining category 1 events are: USGP of Cyclocross-Planet Bike Cup (Sept. 22) in Sun Prairie, Wisc., NEPCX Gran Prix of Gloucester 1 (Sept. 29) in Gloucester, Mass., NEPCX Providence Cyclo-cross Festival (Oct. 6) in Providence, R.I., USGP of Cyclocross-New Belgium Cup (Oct. 13) in Fort Collins, Colo., Cincy3 Harbin Park International (Nov. 4) in Cincinnati, Ohio, USGP of Cyclocross-Derby City Cup (Nov. 10) in Louisville, Ky., Jingle Cross Rock (Nov. 18) in Iowa City, Iowa and USGP of Cyclocross-Deschutes Cup (Dec. 8) in Bend, Ore.

The calendar also includes 10 events which will score the juniors men separately. Those 10 events are: Cincy3 Lionhearts International-Cross after Dark in Cincinnati, Ohio on Nov. 3, Cincy3 Harbin Park International in Cincinnati, Ohio on Nov. 4, USGP of Cyclocross-Derby City Cup in Louisville, Ky., on Nov. 10-11, CXLA Weekend-Cross after Dark on Dec. 1-2 in Los Angeles, USGP of Cyclocross-Deschutes Cup on Dec. 8-9 in Bend, Ore., the 2013 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships in Madison, Wisc., and the Cincinnati Kings International in Cincinnati, Ohio on Jan. 26.

For a complete look at the USACPCXC, click here.

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@LanceArmstrong, #LanceArmstrong, Lance Armstrong

7 time Tour de France Winner, still

1.     Let’s get a couple of things straight. Jurisdiction is important in all legal issues. If a court does not have jurisdiction, then it cannot rule.

Lance Armstrong finishing 3rd in Sète, taking ...

Same applies in arbitration, quasi-governmental agencies and USADA.

USADA is an Acronym for US Anti-Doping Agency. The US stands for United States. It has the same power to take away an award earned in France as I have to take away any award from the little kid down the street. (Which sort of reminds me of how the head of USADA is acting?)

2.     The agency in charge of cycling is UCI. Union Cyclists Internationale, another non-US non-governmental agency. That agency can ban someone from cycling for life because they cannot sanction races were banned people enter.

3.     Tour de France can hand out yellow jerseys, or actually, the Amaury Sport Organisation. Tour de France can take back yellow jerseys. Tour de France and Amaury Sport Organisation are European organizations.

See the stretch,…………………. all the way across the Atlantic. Until the UCI or Amaury Sport Organisation says something, Lance Armstrong is the seven-time  winner of the Tour de France.

4.     Not appearing at an arbitration hearing is not admitting to doping. It is looking at the chances of winning and how the arbitration proceedings will work and realizing that you can’t win, clean or dirty. Why do you think Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds went to court? Because court is fair, in this case.

Arbitration is normally very fair and something I suggest. However, arbitration is controlled by the rules of the people who set up the arbitration, in this case, USADA. (Sort of like arbitrating a stock broker dispute with other stock brokers serving as the arbitrators. You don’t win until you sue in court.)


Lance Armstrong at the team presentation of th...

Lance Armstrong at the team presentation of the 2010 Tour de France in Rotterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not defending anyone. I’m not saying that someone did or did not US substances that are not allowed to be used when cycle racing. I do, however, believe in the law. Something that Travis Tygart does not seem to understand, or at least he does not understand jurisdiction and venue.

For articles on Jurisdiction & Venue see:

A Recent Colorado Supreme Court Decision lowers the requirements to be brought into the state to defend a lawsuit.                                                                                           

Four releases signed and all of them thrown out because they lacked one simple sentence!

Jurisdiction in Massachusetts allows a plaintiff to bring in Salomon France to the local court.

Shark Feeding Death triggers debate                                                        

The legal relationship created between manufactures and US consumers

This case is a summer camp lawsuit and the decision looks at venue and jurisdiction; however the complaint alleges medical malpractice against a camp!                         

For articles on what is currently going on with Lance Armstrong that are correct, I’ve found one. Armstrong’s Yellow Jerseys Haven’t Gone Anywhere…Yet

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